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Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 13, 2008

iDrive Range Expands with Worlds First Variable Forward Current 350ma to 1A LED Driver

World leading LED driver manufacturer, IST Ltd, has expanded its range of innovative and cost competitive LED drivers with the world’s first variable forward current high power LED driver and its first single channel LED driver.

The new iDrive-1000 available in volume from July 2008 is a resilient 3-channel 210 Watt LED driver incorporating several patented power technologies to provide a passive (without the need for a cooling fan) small physical form factor LED driver capable of driving the latest generation of high power LEDs.

The feature packed iDrive-1000 is the world’s first LED driver to incorporate variable forward current options enabling users to choose any current between 350mA right up to 1000mA in 50mA steps independently on each of the three channels. For the first time, users can optimise the LED forward current on each channel according to the type of LED and the thermal capability of the fixture attached to the driver. This unique feature provides LED fixture manufacturers with a new ability to optimise the light output from fixture designs and maximise the light offering to their customers.

IST’s Global Sales Director, Matt Fitzpatrick, stated “We designed the iDrive-1000 to be the most powerful LED driver on the market but we also made it the most flexible with so many easy-to-use features to enable it to be used in almost any lighting system configuration. The response from our first customers have been incredibly positive as they realise how flexible the system is and initial customers have feedback that the iDrive-1000 has enabled them to get a XX% increase in light output by replacing their current driver solution with the iDrive-1000”.

The iDrive-1000 is the first driver in the iDrive range to incorporate the patented PowerSave technology that constantly monitors the forward voltage required by any LED fixture attached to the driver. In addition, the iDrive-1000 system can determine the voltage drop across the connecting cables and compensate to enable the driver to be replaced remotely from the fixture allowing extra installation flexibility.

Full closed loop feedback is employed to enable both driver and fixture thermal protection with up to 4 different settings enabling the user to determine maximum operating temperature giving a high degree of system protection in all environments.

In addition to the iDrive-1000, IST also launched it first single channel driver idea for single colour applications. The iDrive-025 is a 25W LED driver capable of driving LEDs at 350mA with total forward voltages between 30 and 72V DC and are perfect for white light LED applications. The high efficiency driver comes with a 3 year warranty.

The new drivers are both RoHS compliant and are available for volume orders from the beginning of July 2008.

iDrive-1000 Features:
• Variable forward current settings on each output channel between 350mA and 1000mA in 50mA increments.
• Simple LED display interface to control DMX addresses and internal preset functions.
• Master / Slave Option
• Universal voltage input with standard IEC converter 100-240V AC / 50 - 60hz
• Compact size and rugged aluminium construction.
• Standard 5-Pin XLR DMX in/out connections.
• Output 8-pin terminal block.
• Patented Colour CoolTM thermal management system to optimise and prolong the life of fixtures & LED’s.
• 4 Thermal control settings to allow for a range of environmental installations.
• The iDriveTM technology is licensed and patented in the UK and USA with Worldwide applications pending.
• Patented colour mixing 3 channel system.
• Smooth dimming control 0-100%.
• High Efficiency up to 85% max .
• Long life and high reliabilty (50,000 hours).
• Short and open circuit protection.
• Output voltage 14V - 55V DC (variable).
• Self test functions.
• No forward voltage binning resulting in cost savings.
• Internal thermal protection.
• Safety approvals include CE.

Input Voltage Range:100 - 240V AC
Input Frequency:50 - 60 Hz
Current: 6 Amps Max
Consumption:14 - 210 Watts
Power Factor:0.98 MAX
Efficiency:85% MAX
Connection:Standard IEC
Standby Power:14 Watts (Total)
Insulation Class:1

Power Output Range:5 - 55 Watts per channel
Output Current:350mA - 1000mA per channel
Output Current control:50mA increments.
Voltage:14 - 55V DC per channel 55V DC
Voltage Increment:256 steps
Connection:8 - Pin terminal

Control Input:
Dimming control:DMX-512A
Connection:Standard 5 - Pin XLR
Dimming Range:0 - 100%
DMX Start Address Range:1 - 510 via Display Panel
DMX String Length:1 - 3 via Display Panel
Programmes:See user manual for all pre-sets
Master / Slave Arrangement:See user manual for set up

Mounting:Four 3mm holes for fixing
Construction:Aluminium casing for improved thermal dissipation

Operating Ambient Temperature:-20ºC to + 40ºC
Storage Ambient Temperature:-20ºC to + 70ºC
Case Temperature:+ 65ºC
Relative Humidity:80%
Lifetime (failure after 50,000 hours):5%
Lifetime (failures after 50,000 hours): 5%

For more information visit the IST website, call Matt Fitzpatrick on +44(0)1922-457712 or email