Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 16, 2010

Introduction DecaLED Touch Panel DMX 4

The DecaLED® Touch Panel DMX 4 is a compact LED controller with DMX512 and PWM outputs. The stylish design in glossy black polycarbonate can easily be built into a wall socket. The panel has no buttons but it is pressure sensitive. The device has a user friendly design.

The DecaLED® Touch Panel DMX 4 is ideal for small stand-alone installations where 12V or 24V DC LED products are used, such as DecaLED® Flex RGB, DecaLED® Flex RGB HD and DecaLED® Cove Flex RGB. It is therefor an interesting product for i.e. interior designers, stand builders and restaurants, bars and hotel business.

This panel includes the following features:
• Static color, configured by means of a handy swivel function. 4 color settings can be stored in memory.
• Choose from 10 preset color loops, for which the transition speed and intensity can be adjusted. 4 preferences can be stored in memory.
• Usable as DMX controller.
• When using an external 12V or 24V DC power supply, for example, led strips directly connected to the PWM output.
• Dimming of your choice (0 ~ 4 seconds) for on and off.
• Use up to 2A per channel, in total suited for a maximum of 6A (i.e. 10 meters of DecaLED® Flex RGB).
• Visible indication of the current RGB color on the front of the panel.

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