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Inventronics Introduces Zhaga Compatible IP20 LED Drivers with DALI Dimming

Inventronics has announced the expansion of their compact, Zhaga compatible line of drivers to include 120W models. These full-featured, constant-current programmable IP20 LED drivers are designed to be extremely cost effective. Providing two product offerings to include 0-10 V, PWM, DALI, AC Dim and multiple timer options increasing design flexibility. The EBS Series utilizes convenient push terminals for an easier installation which can simplify production and reduce installation costs.

The EBS Series is suitable for use in outdoor luminaries of Protection Class I and II, built-in use for outdoor applications and they can also be upgraded to become an ‘independent’ LED driver so you can mount them outside a luminaire enclosure for IP20 applications. The Zhaga compatible square design makes it the perfect choice for the more compact and slimmer European street luminaires where the standard driver form may be too large to accommodate. They operate from 176-305 Vac input and the plastic housing is IP20 rated which allows for even more cost reductions when you need a full-featured LED driver but not the costs associated with an IP67 rating.

The new EBS Series offer 2 constant-power, programmable models delivering up to 120 W at output currents from 500 mA to 1500 mA. The EBS-120SxxxDTE models can be programmed for 0-10V, PWM or time dimming with 3 timer modes while the EBS-120SxxxBTE models can be programmed for DALI, AC Dim or time dimming with 3 timer modes.

Each highly efficient model provides a 12 V / 200 mA auxiliary output and dim-to-off capabilities making them easier to integrate with sensors and control systems. Their low standby power consumption allows for even great energy savings. They are highly reliable with a superior level of built-in surge protection, all-around protection which includes: over-voltage, over-temperature for both driver and external LED array, and short-circuit protection as well as thermal sensing and protection for the LED module. The lifetime of these drivers is calculated to be at least 120,000 hours when operating at 80% load.

You can increase your ease of installation and reduce production times even further by pairing the EBS Series with the Inventronics PRG-MUL2 programming tool. This combination furnishes fast, off-line mass programming capabilities that allows auto programming at the push of a button through user friendly PC based software.

This new family is approved to ENEC, TUV, CE, CB, CCC, KS, Double Insulation standards and the BTE models also includes DALI. Production quantities of EBS-120SxxxBTE and EBS-120SxxxDTE series are available now.

For a full datasheet please check the Inventronics website or contact the company at sales@inventronics-co.com

About Inventronics:

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Inventronics is a world class enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of reliable & innovative LED driver products, now a leading supplier of LED drivers to the global market. Learn more at www.inventronics-co.com


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