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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 29, 2016

Inventronics Launches Family of Round Programmable LED Drivers

Inventronics has announced the release of a family of 96 W, 150 W and 240 W programmable constant-current LED drivers to provide easier installation on bay lighting applications. The EUR family of drivers offers more design versatility with adjustable output currents through programmability or potentiometer and 0-10 V/PWM dimming as well as non-dimming versions, and can be ordered for hook or loop mounting to easily attach to the top of the light fixture.

The drivers can also be ordered in three different colors; white, silver or black to give your fixture a sleeker and more streamlined appearance. The rugged, round metal case offers durability that makes it suitable for hazardous indoor and outdoor applications such as factory, warehouse and sports arena lighting.

Each EUR series offers 4 programmable, constant-power models that deliver the full 96 W, 150 W or 240 W at a wide output current range between 1400 and 6700 mA. All models operate over a 90-305 Vac input range with excellent power factor.  A full-load efficiency up to 93% and longer lifetime gives the EUR series an edge over the competition. The high efficiency and robust thermal design of these drivers enables them to run cooler, significantly improving reliability and extending product life.

To ensure trouble-free operation, the EUR product family also features built-in protection for surge, over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit events. The new EUR-DT/ST series is approved to UL, FCC, CE, and Circle K standards.  The new EUR-DV/SV series is approved to ENEC, TUV, CE, CB, CCC, PES and Circle K standards. Production quantities of the EUR-096SxxxDT/DV, EUR-096SxxxST/SV, EUR-150SxxxDT/DV, EUR-150SxxxST/SV, EUR-240SxxxDT/DV, and EUR-240SxxxST/SV are available now.
For full datasheets please check the Inventronics website ( or contact the company at

About Inventronics:

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Inventronics is a world class enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of reliable & innovative LED driver products, now a leading supplier of LED drivers to the global market.  Learn more at