Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 23, 2013

IST Launches All-in-One iDrive® Uno CV for Dimming Applications

Integrated System Technologies Limited, the British designer and manufacturer of smart lighting solutions, announces the launch of the iDrive® Uno CV: a smart, single channel constant voltage LED driver, which is a perfect multi-protocol solution for applications where precision 8- or 16-bit dimming control is required.

The iDrive® Uno CV is a highly reliable, compact,  multi-protocol DC/DC LED driver offering unparalleled features and functionality, including:
• Wide DC input voltage range from 10.5 to 27V
• Selectable 8- to 16-bit current resolution
• High efficiency: >98%
• DALI/DSI & DMX/RDM all-in-one model and 1-10V variant
• Up to 8A for longer tape lengths or higher power LED tape
• Smooth, high frequency deep dimming with EMC outputs (TV & film compatible)
• Plastic chassis with excellent cable relief
• High reliability with short circuit, over voltage and over temperature protection

When compared to the equivalent products of a leading competitor, the iDrive® Uno CV significantly outperforms on every level. The Uno CV offers an all-in-one protocol solution supporting DSI, DMX, DALI and RDM interfaces* and operates at twice the current output, meaning the installer only requires one Uno CV driver for every two of the rival products, leading to significant installation cost savings. The Uno CV also operates at an exceptionally high output power (216W) whilst offering superior safety features (short circuit, over voltage and over temperature protection) and the flexibility to operate with any PSU. (See comparison table for full comparison details.)

iDrive® Uno CV Compared to a Leading European Brand


iDrive Uno CV

European Brand Y

Nominal input voltage range

10V to 27V DC

10V to 24V

Maximum output current (A)



Maximum output power (A)



No. of driver to power 5m strip

1 for 12V and 24V

2 for both 12V and 24V

Dimming Mode / resolution

PWM / 8-bit or 16-bit

PWM / 8-bit only

Operating Frequency (Hz)

8-bit/65kHz or 16-bit /250Hz


Output current measurement

Yes (via RDM)


Short Circuit Protection


No – provided by PSU

Operates with any PSU


No – only Optotronic PSUs

Over voltage protection



Overload Protection



Over temperature protection



DALI interface






DSI interface



DMX interface



RDM interface



Fixture thermal protection




5mm pitch screw terminals

Push in terminals

Cable strain relief



Special EMC output stage


Not specified

Dimensions (LxWxH)

151 x 50.5 x31mm

189.6 x 30.0 x 21.0mm

Dr Geoff Archenhold, Founder of Integrated System Technologies Limited, commented:
“The iDrive Uno CV clearly offers significant technical superiority over equivalent products in the market place. By combining the DALI/DSI with DMX and RDM in one solution, installers can now work on any project with just the iDrive® Uno CV. Our customers require the Uno CV to work with any PSU to further reduce system costs and to ensure the solution is highly robust, even if the output is miswired. IST have combined several years of experience of developing quality LED drivers with several of our key patents in order to add this latest highly efficient and flexible LED driver solution to the iDrive® range”.

About IST:
Integrated System Technologies (IST) Ltd. are global pioneers in the design and manufacture of world leading, intelligent iDrive® LED drivers and Serenity™ OEM LED lighting solutions for commercial, office, architectural, retail, entertainment, outdoor, amenity and domestic white light and RGB-W/A applications.
As recognised industry experts, IST applies superior knowledge of LED driver technology, thermal modelling and optical systems to design and manufacture high quality, durable LED lighting solutions, with a promise of up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional light sources.
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