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Kinglumi Unveils TUV ENEC LED Independent Control Gear - LEDGear™ Including DALI-2

The LEDGear™ new ECGs pack state-of-the-art technology and all the functions of the premium performance into the compact spaces. Designed as a family of independent and quick installation compact constant current LED ECGs, LEDGear™ is qualified by TUV ENEC, CE, CB, SAA, C-tick RoSH and DALI-2. They provide you great value.

Easy & Quick Connection:

The LEDGear™ equipped with a push-fit strain relief cap, which allows no tool for wiring and without any screws. No Junction box(connection box) is required thanks to the independent design. The large wiring space and push type terminals also improve the experience of installation. What's more, the terminals allow the looping function to reduce more labor cost.

Outstanding Dimming Performance:

The dimming functions are designed and tested according to the most popular dimmers in Europe and Australia local market. There are DALI-2 Push-DIM , Phase-cut(Triac, ELV) dimming, ON/OFF, 0-10V dimming functions options with outstanding dimming synchrony and compatibility.

DALI-2 & Push Dim:

As a DALI member, the LEDGear™ DALI-2 ECGs are compatible with universal DALI masters/application controllers, which were tested by DALI house according to IEC 62386 Part 101,102(DALI-2), 207. In addition to the usual wide operating window by DIP switches, it also can be DALI programmed to allow current adjustable by configurator software at luminaire manufacturers. What's, it equipped with built--in permanent memory for DALI-2 and Push-DIM, which ensure that light returns to the previous dimming level when switched off and on again.

Compatible with Passive or Active 0-10V Dimmers:

There are passive and active 0-10V dimmers in the market, but, not all the 0-10V ECGs are compatible for both, especially the active dimmers. This is because the output voltage of active dimmers is not exactly in 0-10V, it have a tolerance, and if might be over 10V(some even reach 11.2V).

Reliable Quality & Long Lifespan:

Powered by world top IC brands, like NXP and iWatt, LEDGear™ protected by glow wire tested 650°C for 30S and 850° for 5S polycarbonate housing. Its very safety for human being, as the circuit designed based on short-circuit-proof with safety insulation, and output Extra-Low-voltage. Long term quality testing based on -30°C /+50°C thermo cycling test at both Min & Max output.

Emeregency Lighting:

Suitable for emergency escape lighting systems according to EN 50172, LEDGear™ can work with emergency DC voltage input, such as work with backup or emergency LED drivers(batteries). LEDGear™ works with the backup drivers regulate the power supplied to the LED fixture the same way normal drivers do, but they operate off of a battery instead of line voltage.

Unknown Flammability Application:

LEDGear™ is suitable for installing on or in furniture which is made from materials with unknown flammability properties (See double M pictogram). Also, it's a temperature-protected driver, with the maximum 110°C surface temperature in the event of a fault at rated ambient temperature (See Inverted triangle pictogram).

Flicker Free By IEE1789:

According to the lighting standard IEEE 1789 2015, the flicker percentage of luminaries is a key figure for measuring the lighting quality. LEDGear™ offers virtually flicker-free dimming (<3.3% flicker percentage) of the connected luminaires, which is in the no-effect region according to the IEEE standard.

1)    The no-effect region: <0.0333*f
2)    The low-risk region: <0.08*f
3)    The risk region: low, medium, serious, and high.

LEDGear™, common to all the drivers are application-optimized operating windows for maximum compatibility, high energy savings thanks to low stand-by losses and high efficiency. They have a nominal life over 50,000 hours and come with a five-year guarantee. For more information about Kinglum's LEDGear™, please visit or

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