Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

LED-Warrior01 - High Brightness LED Controller

Code Mercenaries launches a new product line for LED lighting applications. This is a new strategic branch of operations for Code Mercenaries.

In the last few years LEDs have become a viable alternative for general lighting applications. Compared to traditional light sources LEDs offer a much longer life cycle and in most cases a significantly better energy efficiency. But the technical hurdles in designing LED based luminaires are higher than with traditional light sources. Especially designing the required electronics to efficiently drive the LEDs is a challenge for luminaire manufacturers.
Code Mercenaries has begun to design a family of solutions for the high brightness LED driver electronics under the product family name LED-Warrior. LED-Warrior products will be available as modules and chips.
The now introduced LED-Warrior01 is the first member of the new product family. It is an open module step down regulator and offers a constant current output for up to 7 white LEDs. Currently variants for 350 mA, 700 mA, and 1000 mA are available. Custom current selections can be produced on demand.

With an efficiency of up to 95 % and an operating input voltage range of 7 V to 30 V it can be used in a wide range of lighting applications. Especially for luminaires with multiple LED groups and low voltage applications LED-WarriorOl is a very good solution.
The LED brightness can be controlled via analog or PWM signals. When the LEDs are switched off LED-WarriorOl goes into a standby mode consuming less than 40 /uA.
A primary design goal for LED-Warrior01 has been the durability. By avoiding fast aging components liek electrolytic capacitors a design life time of more than 100,000 h could be achieved to make sure the electronics is not failing earlier than the LED.

More lighting products will be released soon. A direct link to Code Mercenaries lighting products:
About Code Mercenaries:
Code Mercenaries is a supplier for the industrial input device and peripheral market since 1998.
Code Mercenaries philosophy is to provide complete solutions that allow our customers to concentrate on their own strength in developing their end products. The necessary know how for controlling interfaces like the USB or PS/2 is encapsulated in our chips so that the device manufacturer does not need to care about these details.
The new lighting product line is designed to follow exactly the same direction: Encapsulate the electronic know how.