Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 15, 2016

LIFUD DALI LED Driver Solutions

This year LIFUD could offer you comprehensive solutions of DALI LED drivers. Now we have three different DALI LED drivers available including rectangular plastic version (external version), linear metal version (built-in for vapor proof linear lights) and UL panel light drivers (specifically developed for North American market with a cable connection box).

For the European market, we have plastic version LF-GDExxxYF(S) series 15-65 W for panel lights and tube lights and also linear metal version LF-GMDxxxYA(S) series 15-62 W for vapor proof linear lights and linear high bays.

For the North American market, we have UL panel versions LF-GMDxxxYA(S) series 30-69 W which is specifically developed for America and Canada markets with a cable connection box integrated. This structural design is innovative and patented by Lifud. And the compact design ensures simpler cable installation, lower temperature of LED drivers during operation and higher reliability and lifetime of the LED drivers.

Lifud is planning to develop the second generation DALI LED drivers according 2014 DALI protocol, and we plan to add the DALI Push function into the LED drivers and join DALI alliance soon later. If you need customized design of DALI LED drivers’ solution, please welcome to contact us.

This year Lifud is also more focusing on smart LED drivers including ZigBee and RF LED drivers. And customers are welcome to exchange your opinions concerning the smart LED drivers demand.

For more details we would like you may visit LIFUD upgraded website http://www.lifud.com/