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LIFUD High Bay LED Driver & Smart Sensor

LIFUD just launched her second generation of high bay driver, LF-FHB series. It can be completely turned OFF even without cutting off the AC power. When the second generation of LF-FHB series works with a smart sensor (= microwave sensor + light sensor) which was developed by LIFUD R&D, the light turns on/off automatically.

If the users want to set the reaction of the sensor and the light according to their preference, we can offer a remote control to help them with it. Besides the on/off function and 4 default scenes, the remote control can help to set the brightness level, the light-on time, the induction zone and how the brightness changes according to different daylight levels.

The LF-FHB series is of IP65 for indoor application. The high efficiency up to 95% and low stand-by power less than 1 W help to improve the light efficacy and save energy.

Super high efficiency and great thermolysis property expand the product lifetime. Meanwhile, the driver is with high power factor and low harmonic interference. In addition, all-round protection, including surge protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection, greatly improve the product stability.

The top of this product is equipped with a potentiometer which helps to adjust the output current/power of the product. The lighting fixture can be hung by a hanging ring or a bracket. Various installation options for the lighting fixture meet diverse needs.

For additional information, please visit www.lifud.com or send an email to sales@lifud.com

About LIFUD:

Shenzhen Ledfriend is dedicated to design and manufacture exclusively for led constant current drivers. Lifud is our international brand and now recognized as the NO.1 manufacturer and brand in the indoor application driver’s industry.
With 800 staff and 50 engineers, covering an area of 33,000 square meters and has production capacity of 20 million pieces per year. Now focusing on the 7-80 W constant current LED drivers mainly applied for LED panel lights, LED down lights, LED tube lights, LED tri-proof lights, LED corn lights, LED high bays, etc.
Lifud in Shenzhen is our Headquarters; core R&D and marketing centers, while our Production Base is located in Lifud Sichuan, Sichuan Province of PR China, our own industrial park with an area of 66,700 square meters. To maintain close contact with our customers, we have our sales channels for all major provinces and also abroad to guarantee prompt delivery and strong after-sales service.
To safeguard quality of our drivers, in Shenzhen Headquarters, we have the industry’s leading testing laboratory for the basic performance testing, reliability testing EMI, EMS, Surge, etc. Also in our Sichuan Production Base, our LIFUD certification lab will be built very soon.
During all production process, the ISO9001:2008 quality control system is strictly followed. Our internal production pass rate is 99.6% and field failure rate after sales is 2000PPM.
For more information, please visit our website at -www.lifud.com