Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 19, 2014

Lumotech Announces the Release of New LED Drivers from 30 to 150 W

This autumn sees the release of several significant new Lumotech LED driver products. These include 3 new drivers in the rapidly growing and strategically important 30 W range as well as our first collection of outdoor rated drivers. As with all Lumotech drivers, these new products have been engineered for best fixture performance.

Launching in November 2014

Introducing the most versatile 30 W driver on the market with an extremely compact form factor. This new product offers excellent value for money and has a very wide operating window, ensuring that one driver can be used for multiple fixtures. The L05031 is particularly ideal for (track) spot applications as fixture designs become smaller and more streamlined.

A highly cost-effective new 33 W fixed 700 mA LED driver, ideal for non-dimmable lighting applications where excellent reliability and stability are required. The L05033 delivers renowned Lumotech quality and performance at a very competitive cost point.

This new 30 W DALI driver extends our portfolio of award-winning DALI drivers. Housed in the same form factor as our 40W DALI driver, it offers customers a cost-effective alternative for applications where lower wattages are sufficient. As with our 40W DALI driver, this new product has a wide voltage range, meaning that it can be used with multiple fixtures which reduces supply chain complexity for lighting OEMs. Our low ripple design ensures flicker-free lighting and perfectly smooth dimming. Ideal for troffer lighting applications as fixtures in this market segment become more energy-efficient.

Launching in December 2014

A compact and flexible solution for 60W fixtures. The new L05055 is a 60W driver in our 40 W form factor and is very flexible in current and voltage range. The product supports an external temperature sensor and cooling fan which are valuable features for higher lumen track spots where gas discharge light sources are being replaced with LEDs.

L05175 & L05176
A pair of fully programmable outdoor-rated drivers - 75 W and 150 W DALI I-set IP65 for excellent performance in high bay and outdoor lighting applications. These are Class 1, non-isolated products supporting output voltages up to 280V.

About Lumotech:
The Lumotech name is a benchmark of quality in the European LED lighting industry. Reliability, efficacy and perfection in lighting performance are critical to the commercial success of quality light fixtures, while confidence in system warranty is an increasingly important business consideration for manufacturers. Lumotech’s uncompromising focus on engineering excellence makes it the driver company of choice for discerning designers, specifiers and end-users of LED lighting.