Electronics | Components | Sensors | Controls | Smart Lighting + IoT | Sep 15, 2017

McWong Introduces Versatile Smart Sensor Control Platform

McWong International, a leading lighting and controls solutions provider, is expanding its PacWave® portfolio with the introduction of a new smart sensor control platform. The solution encompasses a range of occupancy and motion sensors, dimming power packs, fixture controllers, and mobile apps (Android and iOS) for remote configuration of sensor and dimming settings. The company anticipates future platform releases that will expand user interface capabilities as well as additional components. Engineered for compatibility with Bluetooth® standards, the platform provides exceptional versatility and future scalability.

Comprehensive range of occupancy and motion sensors:

The control platform includes a comprehensive range of occupancy and motion sensors, offering multiple detection technologies, such as passive infrared, ultrasonic and microwave, as well as numerous form factors for challenging applications. Customers can select fixture-embedded models or remote head models for environments where conventional mounting might be difficult, as well as wall switch sensor models for convenience in applications such as small offices, executive washrooms and storage rooms. Both low voltage and line voltage models are offered to provide additional installation flexibility.

Light level and color tuning capabilities:

All the components—sensors, dimming power packs and fixture controllers - enable 0-10v dimming for compliance with energy code bi-level dimming requirements as well as other performance and energy efficiency strategies, including lumen maintenance, high-end trimming and task tuning. If color tuning is desired, for example, in private or open office environments, the new PacWave two-channel fixture controller offers this capability as well.

Wireless control options

The entire platform is founded on a patent-pending design for flexible integration of various wireless protocols, including Bluetooth® protocols and other commercially-available wireless control protocols. This provides customers with maximum flexibility and simplicity, as it offers unsurpassed compatibility with the widest range of personal and commercial devices worldwide.

Wireless functionality beyond lighting control:

The occupancy and motion sensors and the fixture controller in this control platform feature built-in Bluetooth beacon capability.  With this functionality, the platform supports technology applications beyond lighting control, from indoor positioning and navigation, RTLS (real-time location systems), asset tracking and more.

“The PacWave smart sensor control platform is the culmination of many years of listening to our customers and learning from the marketplace,” says President and CEO Margaret Wong. “This offering represents our commitment to providing solutions with as much flexibility and versatility possible for our customers.”

About McWong International:

For more than 30 years, McWong has combined the best of East and West in leading the design and manufacture of high-quality lighting control equipment and related electrical components. Through its respected PacWave™ and Pacific product series, the company has demonstrated an unparalleled mix of innovation, quality and service to a strong and loyal customer base. With state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities in both the U.S. and China, the company offers a comprehensive line of control components for OEMs as well as robust stand-alone solutions for contractors, ESCOs and facility managers seeking to implement energy-saving control solutions. More information about McWong International can be found at www.mcwonginc.com