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Components | Electronics | Driver Modules | High Bay | Sep 21, 2018

Moso Power Announces Off-line Programmable UFO Drivers

Moso Power today announces a new High-Bay LED driver series. The new drivers offer a huge evolutionary step forward compared to their predecessors. The new UFO drivers offer off-line programmability with a special "Black-Box" design for failure dignosis.

Main Features:
•    Off-line programming: There is no need to connect the drivers with mains power, you could program the outputs as you like via programming tool + software. From the software interface you will see the output range changes while you set of the output currents.
•    “Black-box” design: The driver will keep memory of the internal temperatures and electrical data, it will show you max temperature while operating. Even if the driver get failed, you can read those data to diagnosing the reasons of failure.  You can set a max Tcase to extend the lifetime of LED luminaires to avoid end users use the LED fixtures with over-high temperature.

For additional information, you may visit the Moso website or download Moso's new drivers catalog.

About Moso:

Moso is group companies engaged in switching power supplies, power adaptors, LED drivers, solar inverters, etc. The group company has >3000 staff, 180 million euro sales in 2017. Moso started manufacturing LED drivers since 2009, and most of our product range are programmable & intelligent for exterior & industrial use.
We fill the gap of IP rated programmable drivers for exterior light fixtures that other brands of led drivers doesn’t have. - Until to now, over 20 Million pcs led fixtures all around the world are illuminated by Moso drivers. There are at least 10 Million pcs LED street lights.
For quality level, the failure rate in 5 years operation is <1%. We guarantee 5~10 years global warranty for different level of products. Any products failed, you can contact any Moso distributors to get a local replacement.