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New eldoLED Drivers, Controls and Modules at Light+Building 2010

At Light + Building 2010, eldoLED (hall 4.0, C89) will introduce numerous exciting new products: Integrated mains driver products, 12VAC dimmable LED drivers, PowerPIX & PowerBOX and Next generation DimWheel Colour.

Integrated mains driver products:
• SOLOdrive AC: a single control channel, integrated AC mains LED driver/controller targeted at DALI networked and standalone high-power, general white LED applications.
• DUALdrive AC: a dual control channel, integrated AC mains LED driver/controller, allowing you to set colour temperature and brightness in tunable white applications, or to separately balance ambient and task lighting in two control channel, white lighting luminaires. DALI and DALI Colour ready for networked applications.
• POWERdrive AC: an integrated AC mains, constant current driver/controller targeted at high-power, full colour architectural, entertainment and decorative lighting that require static or dynamic RGBW/A light output. LedSync, DMX-RDM and DALI (Colour) compatible.
• LINEARdrive AC: an integrated AC mains, constant voltage driver/controller targeted at low-power, static or dynamic full colour applications in architecture and entertainment, such as accent or cove lighting. LedSync, DMX-RDM and DALI (Colour) compatible.

eldoLED integrated mains LED driver/controllers feature a 20-bit resolution, high contrast, linear and gamma-corrected dimming curves, and are switch-dim compatible. The constant current versions all are highly efficient over a wide power range, and deliver their rated power over wide LED voltage and LED current ranges. POWERdrive AC and LINEARdrive AC offer eldoLED's intuitive, 3-button user interface with display. For more information, click the links at the end of this newsletter.

12VAC dimmable LED drivers:
• eldoLED's 12VAC platform for both retrofit (e.g. MR16 replacement) and new LED luminaires is highlyscalable in both power and feature set.  
   - high efficiency: 85% (92% typ. in DC operation)
   - high power factor: > 0.8
   - hybrid HydraDrive: no 'off' - no flicker
   - compatibility with most transformers and dimmers
   - 425mA - 1,000mA LED current range and a maximum LED Vf of 13.2V
   - optional interface for occupancy sensor or daylight control device

PowerPIX & PowerBOX:
• The successful PowerPIX modules are showcased at the eldoLED stand in various colour versions - white, amber, RGBW/A - and displayed for use in direct pixelated, distributed tunable white light and dynamic full colour applications. PowerPIX' RGBW LEDs expand the colour gamut of the traditional RGB solutions.

Visit the eldoLED stand and check out the high brightness that ensures daytime visibility! eldoLED PowerPIX is HD TV camera compatible.

L+B 2010 will see the introduction of the various versions of PowerPIX' power and control accessory, the PowerBOX. PowerBOX features standard XLR connectors for connecting DMX and PowerPIX strings, which ensures a secure connection and fast and easy operation when you need it.   

Next generation DimWheel Colour:
• DimWheel Colour is a powerful one-button DMX controller that lets you set dim level, colour and show for LEDdrivers and DMX compatible luminaires. DimWheel Colour is easy to install with an EU-standard mounting plate and allows a quick setup of mode and features through front mounted DIP switches. DimWheel Colour offers no less than four operating modes:
   - 1-channel mode for general white LED lighting installations, that lets you dim the light and turn it on or off.
   - 2-channel mode for applications requiring colour temperature control, e.g. mixing warm and cool white light. In this mode, you can set the colour temperature, dim the light and turn it on or off.
   - 3- and 4-channel mode for static and dynamic full colour applications. These modes offer colour or show control plus dimming and on/off control. Colour control allows you to create any hue and pick a saturation level for this hue. Show control lets you run a show in DMX broadcast or chase mode and set the show speed.

About eldoLED:
eldoLED develops, produces and markets high-performance, Drive, Networking and Control solutions for solid-state lighting applications. eldoLED proprietary digital technologies and algorithms form the basis of the products' specific features such as small footprint, optimum power efficiency, configurability, high control resolutions and robust thermal management. The standard product portfolio includes LedSync/DMX/DALI compatible driver/controllers, 0-10V/DALI/RF bridge interface cards and DMX dimmers. A dedicated team of engineers supports eldoLED's customers by designing customized solutions, design-in solutions and custom developments: your product, our drive.

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