Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 13, 2012

New High Power LED Drivers for Street and Outdoor Lighting

The new RACD100 and RACD150 series are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications whether they are running on 115VAC, 230VAC or even up to 277VAC including road, street and walkway lighting, LED signage and outdoor area lighting for car parks, public buildings and tunnels. The RACD150 series is a 150W fully sealed IP67 LED driver with an extended universal input voltage range of 90-305VAC and constant current output from 6.3A to 3.2A at voltages from 24V up to 48V. The RACD100 series offers 100W of power with the same universal input voltage range and IP67 rating, but with constant current output from 8.3A to 2.1A at voltages from 12V up to 48V.

Both series feature dual mode operation for either constant current or constant voltage making them suitable for driving LEDs directly or via local constant current DC/DC modules directly on the light engine board. The converters operate with full load efficiencies of more than 90%, feature active PFC with power factors exceeding 0.98 and are fully protected against short circuit, open circuit, overload and over temperature conditions.

The RACD100/150 are Class 1 power supplies, housed in a metal case with 300mm lead wires, and are rated for ambient temperatures of -30°C to +70°C with a maximum case temperature of 95°C. The converters are UL, FCC and CE certified and conform to the UL8750 and EN61347-1 safety standards for LED lighting. They also comply with EN61000-3-2 class C for EMC.

In OEM quantities the price for the 100W driver is around 32 EUR and 33 EUR for the 150W driver and come with RECOM’s standard 5 year warranty.

For additional information please visit RECOM Lighting or contact your RECOM distribution partner.

About Recom:
Recom has become an innovative leader over the past 35 years in the manufacture and distribution of DC/DC and AC/DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers, offering vast distribution and customer support networks that reach around the globe. Customers recognize Recom's ability to deliver top-notch products at competitive prices as well as their worldwide positioning through the establishment of proprietary production facilities that meet the highest international standards and global product availability. Recom's commitment doesn't end with the purchase of the product, but rather, customers can enjoy exceptional after-sale service and support. For the past 10 years, Recom has invested heavily in product development, quality assurance lab, and expanding their global presence to accomplish the mission of meeting customer need wherever it may arise.
Recom Lighting is the new division to better meet the requirements of developers and architects in the fast moving lighting market.