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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 28, 2010

New High-Side FET Driver Simplifies the Design of Buck and Buck-Boost HB LED Drivers

Maxim introduces the MAX15054, which provides a simple solution for implementing a buck or buck-boost topology in high-voltage LED designs that lack a high-side MOSFET driver.

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX15054, a high-side MOSFET driver for high voltage applications. This device provides a low-cost solution for HB (high-brightness) LED designs that require a buck or buck-boost topology, but lack the requisite high-side MOSFET driver. The MAX15054 enables designers to avoid the cost and complexity of a SEPIC topology by allowing the implementation of buck and single-inductor buck-boost topologies with the output referenced to ground in single string and multistring LED drivers.

The MAX15054 features a very short (12ns, typ) propagation delay, as well as short rise and fall times due to its 2A drive capability. Its dual UVLO (undervoltage lockout) feature protects the power MOSFET from damage in the event that the gate-drive or supply voltage is too low. Due to its operation up to 60V, the MAX15054 can be used by designers for automotive and HB LED illumination applications. It is also well suited for full- and half-bridge and two-switch forward converters in datacom, telecom, and server applications.   
• HB LED Drivers for Single and Multiple Strings
• LED Backlight Drivers
• High-Side Driver for DC-DC Converters (Buck, Buck-Boost, Half-Bridge, Full-Bridge)
• Input Voltage on High-Side n-Channel MOSFET Up to 60V
• Up to 13.5V Logic Input Independent of Supply Voltage
• 2A Peak Source and Sink Current
• 12ns Propagation Delay
• Rise and Fall Times of 6ns while Driving 1000pF Capacitance
• Low Input Capacitance
• Low-Side and High-Side Undervoltage Protection
• Allows Buck-Boost Topology Referred to Ground for LED Drivers and DC-DC Converters
• Allows Buck-Boost Topology for Multistring LED Drivers
• 6-Pin SOT23 Package

The MAX15054 is available in a small, 2.9mm x 2.8mm, 6-pin SOT23 package, and is fully specified over the -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius automotive temperature range. Prices start at $0.42 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Maxim Integrated Products is a publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance semiconductor products. The Company was founded over 25 years ago with the mission to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal engineering solutions that add value to its customers' products. To date, it has developed over 6200 products serving the industrial, communications, consumer, and computing markets.
Maxim reported revenue in excess of $1.6 billion for fiscal 2009. A Fortune 1000 company, Maxim is included in the Nasdaq 100, the Russell 1000, and the MSCI USA indices. For more information, go to