Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 19, 2014

Powerbox Announces High Efficiency, Low Cost, Non-Isolated Driver for 50 to 600 W LED Arrays

Powerbox's new patent-pending driver technology allows construction of a very high efficiency, low cost, non-isolated driver. The driver supports a 50 to 600W CC or CV output that is 95% efficient with a 90 – 305, input and a 0.9 minimum PF. The driver may also be configured with a 318 – 528 VAC input for nominal 354, 380, 450, and 480 operation.

Main Features:
•    Low cost
•    Single 50 to 600W CC output
•    95% Efficient, Non-isolated Driver
•    Efficiency could be as high as 97% with single AC input
•    90 – 305 or 250 – 528 VAC, 47~440 Hz, versions
•    >0.9 power factor
•    Instant start (<40mS)
•    Very low in-rush current (~2X normal steady state current)
•    Robust AC transient protection
•    Closely matched to LEDs
•    Very small implementation with package styles as required
•    Simple cooling requirements – no fan required at 600W!
•    Operation to 85C ambient at full load with no derating
•    0-10V or ELV type phase control dimming options available
•    LED thermal feedback to keep LED in SOA
•    5 Year Warranty standard; optional 10 year warranty

The driver has a very small physical size with package styles as required.  A 100 W open frame PCB implementation requires only only 2x4x1 inches of space.  A 600W implementation is not much bigger, does not need a fan, and has very small heat sinks.  

Other features: Instant start (<40mS), very low in-rush current (~2X normal steady state current), robust AC transient protection, operation to 85C ambient at full load with no derating, LED thermal feedback to keep LED in SOA, and 0-10V, ELV phase control, or wireless dimming. The driver can also be configured in a paralleled or N+1 architecture for high reliability lighting applications.

A 5 year warranty is standard with an optional 10 year warranty offered at a slight additional cost.

This is the driver for LED based Troffers, High-bays, Street and Flood Lights, Stadium lights, Canopy and Parking Lot Lights, Horticultural Grow Lights, and other high power LED luminaire applications where very high efficiency and low cost is important for the customer’s ROI.

What is the catch?  To get this high performance and low cost driver your LED array must be configured for a drive voltage in the 62-82 or 124-164 VDC range for a 90 – 305 or 318 – 528 AC input, respectively, and the driver is specifically configured to your LED array requiring some nominal NRE costs and a minimum QTY commitment.  What is that?  Typically about $3,000-$7,000 for the NRE, depending on how many bells and whistles you need, UL safety approval costs,  and a minimum 1,000 piece build. A 250W open-frame PCB implementation is about $35 at 1K pieces.

For additional information about the entire LED driver series, please visit

About Powerbox Craftec:
Powerbox-Craftec, founded in 1974, is one of Europe’s largest power supply companies. With our headquarter located in Sweden we operate in 16 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.
Our focus is power supply applications from a few watts to kilo watts within the market segments Industry, Medical, Railway, Marine, Defence and Avionics. - LED drivers are one of the simpler things we do.
Our mission is to provide the optimal solution, from design and manufacturing of custom solutions to 3rd party standard products, to meet our customers power conversion needs.
Powerbox contains our in-house Powerbox Standard Products as well as our capabilities to design and manufacture a Customised Solution for your demanding needs.


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