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Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 28, 2011

Quality and Reliability in LED Lighting Applications: BAG Launches New Electronic Control Gear for LED Modules

Electronics specialist BAG from Arnsberg in Germany unveiled the ZITARES range of electronic control gear for direct current operation of LED modules. The ECG has a nominal service life of 50.000 h and is designed for flexible, efficient use in professional lighting applications in offices, shops, public buildings and many more.

High performance, low volume:
A specific benefit of the ZITARES ECG is their compact, flat design with a height of only 21 mm. This facilitates their flexible use in modern luminaire designs. Dim and non-dim versions come in an identical housing; luminaire manufacturers can switch between both without any additional effort in design or manufacturing, allowing a quick response to market demands or customer specifications. Inside their compact build, ZITARES offer high performance density. Compact design and less space required are fundamental requirements when building very small or flat LED luminaires.

High energy efficiency: requirements of 2015 fulfilled today already
The ZITARES electronic control gear achieve a stand-by value after DALI switch off of only 0,3 W, fulfilling all current requirements and reaching the standard that will come into effect in 2015 from the start. The energy efficiency ratio reached by ZITARES is 93 %. This sets the pace for an energy efficient system that is ready for tomorrow´s standards.

One electronic control device for a wide range of LED power types
The ZITARES ECG with 1, 2 or 4 channels cover a power current range from 350 to 2800 mA, allowing performance up to 140 W. The dim version is available with either a 1 – 10 V or a DALI interface with combined push-dim function. Flexibility is further enhanced by free choice of output current in multichannel versions. Thus, ZITARES covers a wide range of LED applications with a single device, allowing the luminaire manufacturer to switch category without changing production line logistics.

Electric shock protection and SELV:
Safety is an important feature of the new ZITARES ECG for LED-applications. The output voltage of all devices fulfill the stringent SELV-standards („safety extra low voltage“). This offers protection against electric shock on the one hand and safety in operation on the other. Another advantage of the SELV standard is that no additional measures need to be taken to insulate the LED modules that are linked to the ZITARES ECG. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the luminaire´s heat management – a considerable advantage with LED applications.

The lighting industry is known for exceptionally high quality standards regarding function, service life and energy efficiency in electronic control gear.  With the new ZITARES range of electronic control gear for LED modules, BAG has successfully implemented the same high standards to LED applications.