Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 17, 2011

Shunt Protectors for Sensitive LED Lighting Applications

Bourns is pleased to announce the release of LED Shunt Protector products for the LED lighting market. In LED lighting applications, solid-state lighting luminaires are commonly confi gured with long strings of multiple series LEDs driven from a relatively high voltage compliance, constant current power supply. In that confi guration an open LED will cause a complete LED string to go dark, rendering the application useless or markedly compromised. This can lead to warranty returns or maintenance calls.

While low power LED string designs may have used zener diodes in this confi guration, high power LEDs would require very large and expensive zener diodes. Placing the Bourns® LSP device across LEDs allows the remaining LEDs in a series string to continue to work when an LED fails open circuit.

■ Fast switching
■ Automatic reset
■ SMB package
■ Suitable for industrial lighting environments
■ RoHS compliant*

■ LED streetlights
■ LCD backlighting
■ Display lighting
■ Intrinsically safe lighting

The LSP-Series open LED shunt protectors include four models:  LSP0600BJR-S, LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S and LSP1800BJR-S.  A maximum level of protection can be obtained by using one LSP0600BJR-S device per LED. 

Alternatively, customers can reduce their protection costs by using the LSP0900BJR-S, LSP1300BJR-S or LSP1800BJR-S devices, that are able to isolate groups of two, three or four LEDs respectively.  The devices come in an SMB surface mount package and are RoHS compliant.