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Spansion Brightens LED Lighting Market with Intelligent, Single-Chip LED Driver IC

Spansion Inc., a global leader in embedded systems solutions, today announced a new series of intelligent LED driver integrated circuits (IC) solutions. Integrating the necessary components for intelligent lighting into a single chip solution, the S6AL211 series is designed to reduce development costs and speed time to market. The series support industry-leading communication standards including DALI, DMX and Bluetooth® Smart. Spansion is demonstrating the new product at Electronica, Booth A4, 552.

S6AL211A31 (compatible with DALI standard)
•    Output:  72W (18W x 4ch), 5-LEDs in series, 1A
•    Dimming: 100%-0.1%, (>1%: current control, <1%: PWM control) 254 steps 1 color
•    Communication: DALI, IEC62386-101/102/207
S6AL211A94 (compatible with Bluetooth® Smart module)
•    Output:  72W (18W x 4ch) , 5-LEDs in series, 1A
•    Dimming: 100%-0.1%, (>1%: current control, <1%: PWM control) 256 steps 4 colors Linear and logarithmic Dimming Curve •    Communication:  UART, Sensor interface (Motion, Illuminance)

The product series feature a 4ch buck DC/DC LED driver IC and can dim brightness down to 0.1% with the ability to adjust up to 100%. The S6AL211 integrates all the peripheral components including pre-drivers, sensing amps, and LDOs needed to configure the LED driver circuits. This integrated solution minimizes printed circuit board (PCB) by up to 25% compared to competing solutions, reducing the bill of materials and delivering a cost-competitive offering.

"LEDs are clearly on a growth path to outpace legacy lights and will be used in everything from indoor lighting in office buildings, hospitals and displays in shops and museums to outdoor lighting," said Tom Sparkman, SVP of Spansion's Analog Business. "Our new integrated IC brings intelligence, power savings and ease-of-design for customers, allowing them to design solutions rapidly and with the ability to control and change dimness and colors via wired and wireless communications."

Spansion has an evaluation board and a GUI host tool that enables customers to evaluate the DALI board.

•    LED Driver IC S6AL211 Series Datasheet
•    LED Driver IC S6AL211A31 Hardware Manual
•    LED Driver IC S6AL211A31 Starter Kit Operation Manual
•    Communication Board for Intelligent LED Lighting Operation Manual

Availability and Pricing:
The first product of S6AL211A31, which supports the DALI standard, is sampling now at $5.80 per unit and will be in production in December.
The second product of S6AL211A94, which supports the Bluetooth® Smart module, will be sampling in December.

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