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TALEXXconverter ECO - The High End of the New Tridonic Platform

Tridonic presents the ECO series of TALEXX converters, a new addition to its LED converter platform. It combines high quality with a wide range of applications. These high-end products can be infinitely dimmed from 100 percent to 1 percent and offer impressive properties, including luminous flux compensation for the connected LED module and long life. The LED control gear can be adapted to different module parameters with a high degree of flexibility.

A special feature of the TALEXXconverter ECO series its high-quality dimming in accordance with all the usual dimming standards. Of particularly high quality is the combination of amplitude and pulse width modulation that enables dimming to be infinitely varied from 100 percent down to 1 percent. Various interfaces and functions are provided for control purposes: DALI DEVICE Type 6, DSI, switchDIM and corridorFUNCTION. The LED control gear is available as in-built and surface mount versions, each with different outputs. This makes the converters suitable for a wide variety of LED modules.

Excellent dimming and flexibility:
The in-built units are available in 10 W, 20 W, 35 W and 55 W versions. They are designed for different LED operating currents, depending on the wattage:
the 10 W version for 150 – 400 mA and 350 – 900 mA,
the 20 W version for 350 – 900 mA,
the 35 W version for 350 – 900 mA and for 900 – 1750 mA,
the 55 W version for 900 – 1750 mA.

Surface mount versions are available with outputs of 20 W, 35 W and 55 W:
the 20 W version for 350 – 900 mA,
the 35 W version for 350 – 900 mA and for 900 – 1750 mA,
the 55 W version for 900 – 1750 mA.

Adjustable operating currents for high flexibility:
On all the units it is possible to select different output current ranges. The output current can be set by means of a resistor or via the DALI interface. The output current tolerance is only ± 3 percent.

The numerous versions cover a wide range of applications and offer users enormous flexibility in designing their lighting solutions. The main applications include spotlighting and downlighting in retail outlets, offices and hotels. The low standby losses of less than 0.2 W and the possibility of emergency lighting mode via a central battery are especially noteworthy. Long life of a maximum of 50,000 hours ensures maintenance-free operation for many years. The devices are future-proof thanks to CE/ENEC and RCM certification. CQC certification is already at the preparatory stage.

Compared with conventional products, the new platform offers higher efficiency, a smaller harmonic distortion and lower ripple factor (THD < 10 %) on the output current across all the product versions.

A complete and transparent platform:
The new LED converter platform from Tridonic will be complete as early as September. The manufacturer will then be offering a complete portfolio for all applications and requirements comprising just three clearly defined series (ECO, TEC and TOP). The TOP series will be launched by the autumn as flexible LED control gear for fixed-output applications (compact design). The TEC series was introduced back in the autumn of 2012 as simple and reliable LED control gear also for non-dimmable applications. A linear design is currently being added to this series.

About Tridonic:
Tridonic, headquartered in Dornbirn/Austria, develops, manufactures and markets equipment for a wide range of light sources, lighting management systems, LED solutions and connectors. Through its active partnership, outstanding service competence and technical expertise Tridonic enables its customers to implement lighting solutions of superior functionality and economy.
In the 2011/12 fiscal year, 2,000 employees in 30 locations achieved sales of 408 million euros. More than 250 development engineers create intelligent lighting concepts based on sophisticated systems and products. More than 570 inventions and over 2,000 patents are ample evidence of the powers of innovation of Tridonic. Customers include luminaire manufacturers, manufacturers of products that incorporate lighting, architects, electrical system designers, lighting planners, electrical contractors and wholesalers.
The history of Tridonic stretches back more than 60 years and is a success story with many highs. Today, true to its slogan “enlightening your ideas”, Tridonic is synonymous with outstanding products and services related to the fascinating subject of light.
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