Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

The new DMX decoder from VLM

Germany - Modular in structure, the new DMXPWM/RGB DMX decoder from VLM GmbH offers over 500 addressable channels and can control up to 99 operating devices for LEDs.

With the new DMXPWM/RGB DMX decoder, VLM has expanded its range of DMX-controlled RGB solutions. No longer limited to 3-digit addresses like its predecessors but freely addressable, the new decoder is capable of controlling up to 99 operating devices using up to 511 addressable channels, the previous limit having been 93. This opens the door to a wide range of uses, covering virtually all DMX-controlled RGB applications.

The DMXPWM/RGB converts signals based on the DMX 512/2000 protocol into PWM (pulse width modulation) signals that can be interpreted and processed by VLM's own DLDC(C)/RGB/SLX colour control system, which was designed for use by all professional lighting designers and is especially suitable for the illumination of the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

The DMXPWM/RGB has a modular structure, with the decoder and LED operating device being separate units.

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