Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 08, 2012

Thomas Research Products BSP3 Series Surge Protector Models Are Recognized to UL1449

Thomas Research Products has announced that a number of their BSP3 series Surge Protector models are now recognized to the UL1449 standard. Luminaire manufacturers can offer a new level of assurance with the safety they provide. TRP is a leading manufacturer of SSL power solutions.

Thomas Research Products worked with UL to clarify the most appropriate utilization of the company's cost-effective BSP3 series Surge Protectors. As a result, a number of models are now recognized to the stringent UL1449 standard for Surge Protective Devices.

Standard BSP3 devices, which provide protection from surge currents up to 10,000 Amps, include the BSP3-277, BSP3-347, BSP3-480. LC series devices, providing the same protection with a smaller case profile, include the BSP3-347 (LC) and the BSP3-480 (LC). The higher rated BSP3-20K series devices, which provide protection up to 20,000 Amps, include the BSP3-277-20K and the BSP3-480-20K.

BSP3 Surge Protectors are utilized primarily in conjunction with LED drivers, to provide protection against dangerous powerline disturbances in industrial and commercial outdoor applications. They also protect electronic FL and HID ballasts, and induction lighting ballasts. All BSP3 series devices are UL Recognized Components for the United States and Canada under UL935 and UL1029. Flame-proof plastic enclosures on all models provide 85°C surface temperature rating. IP65 rated.

TRP's Surge Protectors are particularly useful in avoiding costly problems in 24/7 outdoor applications, including street lighting, big-box retail, warehouses, parking garages, and transportation facilities. For OEM customers, TRP has 3D models of their Surge Protectors available at Many of these items are available for immediate purchase from stocking distributor Digi-Key.

About Thomas Research Products:

Founded in 1997, Thomas Research Products designs, manufactures and supplies advanced drivers and power solutions for solid state lighting. TRP also manufactures energy-saving electronic controls, surge protectors, switches and relays for commercial HID and fluorescent lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. The company is headquartered in Huntley, IL.