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Tridonic Adds Robust 200 W LED Drivers for Global to ADVANCED Range

A new 200 W LED driver from the ADVANCED range – a high-performance component for high-bay industrial luminaires – has been added to Tridonic’s industrial portfolio. The 0-10 V dimmable driver cannot fail to impress thanks to its unniversal input voltage range, IP 67 protection and high temperature resistance.

The independent LC 200 W 1050 mA UNV ADV IND constant current LED driver for luminaires featuring protection class 1 meets the requirements of IP 67 protection and is able to withstand both dry and damp and even wet environmental conditions at temperatures between -40 and 65°C, which makes it perfectly suited for industrial indoor and outdoor applications. Its maximum output power is 200 W, its maximum output current 1,050 mA. Thanks to the universal input voltage range from 110 to 277 V and certifications under CE, ENEC, CCC and UL, the driver is the ideal choice for world-wide use in various industrial applications, e.g. for illuminating production and sports facilities.

In combination with Tridonic’s high-lumen CLE or QLE high-bay modules, reliable system solutions can be created that combine high efficiency with low standby losses, high dielectric strength and a long service life. Hence, the driver boasts efficiency of more than 94 per cent. Thanks to its dimensioning, just one module and just one driver are sufficient to produce a lumen output of up to 26,000 lm when combined with the CLE and QLE industrial modules. A long service life of up to 70,000 hours and an extended protection level of 2 kV against bursts and 6 kV against surges ensure high reliability and very little maintenance effort, which is especially called for in industrial environments where luminaires are difficult to access. In addition, functions such as over-temperature and overload protection as well as short circuit and no-load protection ensure safe operation.

The driver is accommodated in a rugged cast aluminium housing (240x68x37 mm) and even allows dimming of the lighting via the 0-10 V interface. It combines resistance against harsh environmental conditions required for industrial applications with many years of reliability and high energy savings. The manufacturer grants a guarantee period of 5 years.

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