Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 21, 2016

Tridonic Introduces ready2mains™ Programmer for Configuration Via the Mains

With the ready2mains™ programmer, information such as configuration parameters can be quickly transmitted via the mains cabling to the LED Drivers of indoor and outdoor luminaires. There is no need for an additional communications interface or any rewiring. Commands are transferred in digital format – simply via phase control.

The ready2mains programmer enables luminaires to be configured, controlled and dimmed via the mains. All that is required is a ready2mains interface in the relevant driver. The programmer uses simple phase control for digital command transmission. Configuration commands are transmitted in this way, such as the required output current of the LED Driver or a virtual midnight function for LED street lights. The current can be configured in 1 mA steps to achieve the precise illuminance needed. Up to five drivers (maximum of 400 W) can be configured in parallel. ready2mains technology supports dimmable devices in the Premium and Premium Outdoor TALEXXdriver series and also switchable devices in the Excite series.

Luminaire manufacturers can benefit from using the programmer at the production stage because automated configuration of the luminaires via the mains will save time and costs. User-defined configuration scripts reduce the risk of errors considerably compared with manual entry. With ready2mains it is possible to incorporate programming functionality in existing production lines with a high degree of flexibility. And for simple integration in automated test procedures there is a USB interface with appropriate software drivers.

The ready2mains programmer works with different protocols – in addition to ready2mains, it will work with DALI via the integrated DALI/USB interface and with the proprietary U6Me2 for the outdoor sector. If required, manual programming via the integrated keypad is also possible.

Additional energy savings can be achieved for outdoor and street lighting by dimming the lighting at quiet times during the night. The chronoSTEP2 function is used to record the times when the appropriate lighting installation is switched on and off on three consecutive days – in most cases these are the sunrise and sunset times. The average of these two reference points is then the virtual midnight, which is then used as the reference point for reducing the lighting level. Eight different lighting profiles with different times and brightnesses provide the flexibility for adapting to different local circumstances. In addition to five predefined lighting profiles there are three configurable profiles available which can be freely programmed via the proprietary U6Me2 protocol. Individual street lights can be controlled, or entire street runs from the switching cabinet.

For additional information, please visit the ready2mains Programmer website, dowload the Datasheet, or contact your Tridonic sales representative. For further information about the ready2mains™ portfolio, please download the ready2mains™ Leaflet.

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