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Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 06, 2014

Tridonic's EMconverter Series Offers Emergency Light Functionality for Standard LED Modules

With the EM converterLED product range, Tridonic provides simply implemented emergency light functionality with local battery supply for standard LED modules. The emergency light drivers feature reliable 3-pole technology with compatibility to most LED control units in the market. Thanks to power control, the maximum output for specified rated operating duration is always achieved in emergency light operation.

With the three-part EM converterLED product range, Tridonic provides a clearly structured portfolio with a high level of flexibility. The product family consists of the versions EM converterLED BASIC, EM converterLED SELFTEST and EM converterLED PRO DALI.

•    EM converterLED BASIC features fundamental emergency light functions with an appealing price-performance ratio. The function test and duration test are carried out manually, whereby the function test must be implemented once monthly and the duration test once each year.
•    EM converterLED SELFTEST features self-test functions for the emergency lighting installation. An indicator LED positioned noticeably on the luminaire housing displays the test results. Integrated, automatic test routines in the emergency light unit are implemented in compliance with international standards for emergency light operation.
•    EM converterLED PRO DALI represents the high-end solution in the portfolio of emergency light drivers. Tests can be individually set via DALI x/e touchPANEL or other DALI-compatible components for each device. The test results are either displayed with an indicator LED on the luminaire housing or documented centrally, e.g. on the DALI x/e touchPANEL.

Classification according to SELV classes:
All three versions are additionally subdivided according to SELV classes. Luminaire design is particularly simple up to a maximum of 60 V forward voltage (EM converterLED 50 V – 10 to 50 V forward voltage), as no supplementary measures are needed for protection against accidental contact. Typical applications are spots for example, operated with higher current but with forward voltage below 50 V.

SELV applications to a maximum of 120 V forward voltage (EM converter LED 90 V – 50 to 90 V forward voltage) cannot be touched and are suitable for luminaires requiring higher forward voltage. Typical applications are single LED modules switched in series with nominal consumption of 20 to 50 W.

The non-SELV versions have been designed for maximum output voltages of 200 V (EM converterLED 200 V for 50 to 200 V forward voltage). These are typically assembled in linear and planar luminaires and also ensure homogeneous light distribution with emergency lighting.

The emergency light drivers are compatible with standard dimmable and non-dimmable constant current converters on the market, and thanks to integrated power control always ensure maximum output for the specified rated operating duration (1 – 3 hours). The emergency light driver identifies the forward voltage of connected LED modules and regulates the LED current to the maximum possible value with which connected batteries achieve the specified service life. The power control function also enables many different combinations of LED converters and modules.

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About Tridonic:
For more than 60 years Tridonic has been a successful innovation driver on the lighting market. This pioneer of digital lighting control is now focusing its attention increasingly on LEDs as the technology of the future. The broad offering for creating semiconductor-based and conventional lighting solutions ranges from individual components to complete systems. The focus is on LED systems comprising light sources and converters. An extensive portfolio of conventional control gear for different lamp types and light management systems rounds off the programme.
This global company is shaping the technological changes on the lighting market together with its strategic partners and places great emphasis on intensive and personal contact with its customers. The innovative product portfolio, in-depth application know-how and excellent service are aspects that luminaire manufacturers, architects, electrical and lighting planners, electrical installers and wholesalers all find impressive. Solutions based on components and systems from Tridonic meet the highest quality requirements for indoor and outdoor lighting in reference installations throughout the world.
Tridonic GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Dornbirn in Austria. It is a subsidiary of the Zumtobel Group and has offices or partners in 73 countries. In the 2012/13 fiscal year more than 1,900 employees generated sales totalling 378 million euros. 9% of sales were invested in research and development.


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