Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 14, 2016

TRP Introduces New 50W Easy-Programming T5 LED Driver

Thomas Research Products has introduced a new 50 W programmable LED driver with a T5 form factor. This new model includes 0-10 V dimming and easy programming. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete LED power and control solutions for OEMs and retrofitters.

The LED50WPR2T5 constant-current driver is easy to program. No computer is needed--just the appropriate USB programming cable and +5 V power. Select the appropriate programming cable for the chosen current, plug it in and push the button--it's set! Output current is selectable from 500 mA to 1400 mA. It offers OEMs a flexible, easy way to reduce complex parts inventory.

TRP's new driver model provides standard 0-10 V dimming with a linear dimming curve.  The LED50WPR2T5 is packaged with a narrow cross-section to match T5 fluorescent ballasts, sized to fit in low profile luminaires. The unit is also perfect for energy-saving upgrades in the field.

The UL Type TL certified driver features universal 100-277 V input and Class 2 output for US and Canada. The metal housing is rated for indoor use in dry or damp locations. The company's 5 year warranty is standard. All high-performance LED Drivers from TRP offer high quality, long life, high efficiency and are cost-competitive. 

Information is available on the company's website now or can be requested at Availability of the LED50WPR2T5 series begins late 3Q2016.

About Thomas Research Products:

Thomas Research Products provides complete component solutions for OEMs utilizing LEDs. Products include high-performing LED drivers, LED light engines, surge protectors, wireless lighting controls and occupancy sensors. The company also offers Norlux brand custom design and manufacturing services. Founded in 1997, Thomas Research Products is a division of Hubbell Lighting.