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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 07, 2016

TRP Releases New Wireless Control Modules for LED Drivers

Thomas Research Products has introduced a series of new Wireless Lighting Control Modules designed for OEMs. Both ZigBee and RF models are available for controlling LED Drivers. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete SSL power and control solutions for OEMs.

The TCM series of control modules are designed for use with LED luminaires powered by TRP's LED drivers. These devices provide wireless ON/OFF with full 0-10V dimming control using standard protocols. These modules also store the last dim setting when powered off. They are designed to operate fixtures on 100-277V circuits.

Two TCM models are available. The ZigBee model is ZigBee HA certified for use with input devices that utilize that standard. The RF model has an available RF cordless remote accessory for directly controlling on/off switching and dimming of up to 4 groups of TCM controls. The small case design is easily mounted in most luminaires.

TRP's new controls provide simple OEM options for energy saving requirements and user comfort. "Easy installation" means these modules don’t require running new wires or relay panels to configure. By utilizing open standards, these controls give lighting manufacturers freedom from being bound to a proprietary system.

Information is available on the company's website. Availability of the TCM series controls begins 1Q2016.

About Thomas Research Products:
Thomas Research Products (founded 1997) provides complete OEM component solutions for solid state lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. Products include high-performing LED drivers, LED light engines, energy-saving lighting controls including occupancy/vacancy sensors and daylight harvesting controls, and surge protectors. The company also provides custom design and  manufacturing services for light engines.