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Upgrade for Emergency Lighting Components Provides Smart Battery Management

Tridonic has further developed its emergency lighting units. The new generation EM converterLED BASIC MH/LiFePO4 in the low-profile housing now supports not only NiMH but also LiFePO4 batteries and operates with intelligent battery management.

The new generation of the EM converterLED BASIC MH/LiFePO4 emergency lighting units in the low-profile housing has been designed for luminaires with single battery systems. In addition to nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH), the units can now also be operated with lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). Smart battery management ensures that the right charging algorithm is used for the particular battery type. The batteries therefore achieve their optimum operating life and at the same time the maintenance requirements are reduced.

For LED modules from 10 to 250 V:

There are versions available for LED modules with voltages of up to 50 V (SELV), up to 90 V and up to 250 V, which means that the emergency lighting units can be used with a high degree of flexibility over a wide range of voltages. They can be combined with all dimmable and non-dimmable constant-current LED drivers. The rated operating time is one or three hours and can be set via Duration Link. The output power remains constant.

The units operate in standby mode and are designed for manual testing. An optional test button is available for checking the function of the unit. The expected life is four years for NiMH batteries and four to eight years for LiFePO4 batteries. The manufacturer provides a guarantee of one to three years. The life of the lighting unit is 50,000 hours. The manufacturer provides a 5-year guarantee for the emergency lighting unit.

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About Tridonic:

Tridonic is a world-leading supplier of lighting technology, supporting its customers with intelligent hardware and software and offering the highest level of quality, reliability and energy savings. As a global driver of innovation in the field of lighting-based network technology, Tridonic develops scalable, future-oriented solutions that enable new business models for lighting manufacturers, building managers, systems integrators, planners and many other types of customer.
To promote the vision of the “Internet of Light”, Tridonic relies on partnerships with other specialists. The goal is the joint development of innovative technological solutions that convert lighting systems into intelligent networks and thereby enable associated services. Its profound, technical industry expertise makes Tridonic an ideal partner for established brands and for newcomers to the market.
Tridonic is the technology company of the Zumtobel Group and is headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria. In the 2017/18 tax year, Tridonic generated sales of € 352.7 million. 1,690 highly skilled employees and a worldwide sales presence in over 50 countries provide the basis for developing and launching new, smart and connected lighting systems. -


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