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Upowertek Launches DALI-2 Certified LED Drivers

Upowertek began converting its existing DALI LED driver portfolio to DALI-2 from August 26, 2019, and more products will follow. The new driver with DALI-2 certification brings the promise of significantly improved multi-vendor interoperability as well as functionality compared to DALI-1.

Upowertek DALI dimmable LED drivers have the following characteristics in common:
•    Great Surge Immunity 10kV
•    100,000Hour Life @ Tc = 75℃
•    7 Year Warranty @ Tc <= 75℃
•    Dim Off with 0.5 W Standby Power
•    Short circuit, over temperature, overload protection
•    NFC Programmable
•    DALI-2 dimmable

Additional benefits include:
•    More energy efficient lighting
•    Easier customization
•    Reduced installation costs

The DALI-2 standard, the latest version of the IEC 62386 standard for DALI technology, is administered by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) which certifies that products that carry the DALI-2 logo are compliant with the standards' protocols.

The DALI-2 certification program was launched on August 28, 2017 as a result of the dedicated and ongoing collaborative effort by DiiA member companies.

DALI-2 certification, which allows the product to carry the DALI-2 logo, indicates compliance with the relevant parts of version 2 of IEC 62386, the international DALI standard.

While DALI-1 revolutionized options for regulating artificial lighting, DALI-2 is helping fill the gaps in the original standard. Not only does it allow for more interoperability with other wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zigbee, it also adds a host of new functions previously unavailable.

Upowertek DALI dimmable LED drivers passed ENEC, UL class P, CCC, CE, RCM and CB certification, available from 30 watt to 600 watt, constant current or constant voltage output,

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About Upowertek:

Upowertek is a high-tech company which has been dedicated in high quality and intelligent LED drivers for several years. The headquarter include sales, R&D and logistics is located in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, which is a famous high-tech zone in China.