Components | Electronics | Driver Modules | Smart Lighting | May 13, 2019

Use Moso's New LED Driver as "Black-Box" of LED Luminaries

Moso will launch latest X6 LED drivers in LFI show next week in USA, the concept is using the led driver as "Black-box" of the LED luminaries. X6 LED drivers are developed for professional exterior lighting, including public lighting, industrial lighting, horticulture lighting, etc, with premium quality and advanced functionalities.

There are a few innovative designs included in X6 series, compared with equivalent products in market:
•    X6 prices are 15~30% lower than similar designs from other brands in
     top quality level
•    Off-line programming outputs in low cost and efficient way
•    Black-box" function built-in for easier failure diagnosing
•    Timer dimming schedules designed for led roadway lighting applications,
     automatically adjust the ratio of dimming hours to adapt to different
     running hours in summer and winter
•    Lumen compensation function designed to maintain same lumen output
     of LED light fixtures over the life span, achieve 15% more energy saving
•    10KV surge protection built-in driver to ensure high reliability
•    Full range of outputs in all power levels for more flexibility in LED fixture
     design and tenders

The "black-box" function is an innovative concept in LED lighting industry. As the heart of LED fixture, the LED driver bears all risks of luminary failure, thus failure diagnosing is very important. X6 drivers will keep recording the temperatures of critical components and electrical stress data during the operation. In case of luminary failure, the user could easily connect the driver dimming wires to computer to read the temperatures of critical components in a dedicated software, for failure diagnosing and further analysis.

About Moso:

Moso is a public company dedicated in LED drivers for professional lighting and industrial lighting. The company offers 5~10 years global warranty for its products, the average failure rate after 5 years field operation is <0.5%. FUTURE ELECTRONICS and Digi-key are the official sales channels to buy.