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Warm Dimming and the Future of LED

As LED lighting grows in acceptance and popularity, so does the need for better and more ranging color quality. Traditionally, LED lighting gave off a stark white, cool glow that was harsh on the eyes and made it difficult to use as a primary lighting source. Warm-dim LED technology has toned down that cool coloring, dynamically shifting the current and future applications of LED lighting management systems. Dimmability with a warm glow effect creates more opportunities than ever for LED lighting management systems.

Gradual warm dimming allows users to dim LED lighting levels in the same tones as traditional bulbs, creating a cozier, less clinical affect. In a market already featuring both indoor and outdoor options, stage and entertainment applications, and opportunities for industrial lighting, warm-dimming has an important place in the LED space.

LEDs have traditionally dimmed at the same color temperature as when they were at full power. With the advent of warm dimming solutions, LEDs are now able to produce the same aesthetically pleasing effects as an incandescent light or halogen lamp. This occurs because of red or amber LEDs added to the fixture or lamp, creating an effect that is particularly suitable for application in homes, restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts and other locations where the intended atmosphere is cozy or relaxing. Warm dimming enhances the aesthetics of LED lighting, simultaneously enhancing the wellbeing of individuals in LED-lit environments.

GRE Alpha’s Dim-to-Warm Dimming Modules
GRE Alpha’s Tunable White SLD-DimTW Dimming Module is the perfect solution for VC-type dim-to-warm and warm dimming applications. A constant voltage tunable white LED dimming module, this unique 0-10V/1-10V device provides a control signal and enables smooth, dynamic color temperature shifts of 2000K to 8000K. Depending on the application situation, this plug-and-play dimming module creates eye-catching, color temperature changing effects without color distortion. Offering unparalleled efficiency, the Tunable White SLD-DimTW dimming module is a pioneer in LED lighting, creating options for easy upgrade and color tuning that greatly improve the warmth dynamics of lighting.

Key Features

  • Wide range DC input 8-48 VDC
  • Flicker-free 0-100% Dimming
  • High efficiency up to 97%
  • High precision dimming ratio : >1:1000
  • Fully isolated plastic housing
  • Comply with EN55015 and FCC Part 15 without additional input filter and capacitor
  • Suitable for LED lighting and signage applications
  • Compact size, high reliability



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