Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 27, 2015

BJB Aims for Zhaga Standardization for their Linear Flat System LED Light Sources

The philosophy of “late stage finishing” promoted by BJB promises added value in production, storage, installation and subsequent modification by separating the LED light source and the luminaire body. This is impressively demonstrated by the Linear Flat System from the BJ/OEM-Line.

An almost “classic” approach
Instead of adopting the increasingly common solution of fusing LED luminaire body and light source, including control gear, BJB has opted for “late stage finishing” –  the classic approach. The Linear Flat System consists of LED light source, lampholder and lamp support. In this way, a luminaire range can be manufactured as before and the “lamp” integrated at a later stage. The appropriate LED light source in terms of luminous flux, colour temperature and colour rendering is only fitted to the customer’s specification once the order has been placed – i.e. just prior to delivery or final installation of the lighting system. This enables the luminaire manufacturer to cut down on storage of expensive LED components which have the potential to rapidly become obsolete and to reduce high levels of capital commitment.

An alternative possibility for manufacturers with a high degree of vertical integration is to use their own LED light source with a BJB lampholder and lamp support, thereby enabling them to offer individual system solutions.

With "late stage finishing“, the user always receives a luminaire with the latest lighting parameters – which makes sense when dealing with a fast-moving technology in which new LED generations come onto the market every year. There are also additional benefits during on-site installation as the LED light source can be clipped into the luminaire shortly before the lighting system goes into operation.

By keeping the luminaire body separate, it is also possible to replace the LED light source later, for example if rooms are put to new use.  A new, brighter generation of LED or one with a different colour temperature can then be used. The Linear Flat System provides the same flexibility as that offered by conventional luminaires and the tool-free method of installation means convenient handling and ease of maintenance.
These comprehensive benefits are proving effective: The Zhaga Consortium’s “SFS, Socketable Flat System” task force is studying the Linear Flat System with a view to standardising it in its own Book.

Slim design

The impressive features of the Linear Flat System are its extremely compact design, its clean lines and its excellent lighting parameters. This innovative product is therefore predestined for use in luminaires or strip lighting systems which were previously the domain of T5 fluorescent lamps.

The light source, which is actually only 37 mm wide, consists of an extruded aluminium profile with LED module and a diffusing PMMA cover. As it is fully enclosed, no special ESD measures are required by the luminaire manufacturer. This simplifies the production process significantly.

The holder element is designed to compensate for thermally induced expansion which occurs when the module is in operation.

The connector provides the electrical contact and fixing of the lighting element, which simply swings into position. When the end marked with the logo is pressed, the element locks into place with an audible and palpable click. It can be released by pressing again and initially remains hanging in the connector to prevent it from accidently falling out.

With a length of 580 mm or 1168 mm and an overall height of only 13 mm, the Linear Flat System is suitable for a variety of applications. The short versions with 3,000 K and 4,000 K colour temperature achieve 1,160 lm and 1,203 lm of luminous flux. With twice the number of LED light points, luminous flux outputs are 2,036 lm and 2,105 lm. The long version achieves almost double these luminous flux values with a module efficiency of up to 128 lm/W at a colour temperature of 4,000 K.

With these characteristics – which reflect the philosophy of “late stage finishing” – the Linear Flat System from the BJB/OEM-Line represents an intelligent solution offering considerable added value to both luminaire manufacturers and end-users.

About BJB:
BJB is one of the leading suppliers of LED connection technology, lampholders and domestic appliance lighting worldwide and a manufacturer of flexible automated solutions, such as automatic wiring systems. Founded in 1867, the family-owned business from the Sauerland region of Germany is a development partner and series and system supplier to the international lighting and domestic appliance industries and has locations in Germany, England, Italy, Spain, the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. 80% of turnover is generated outside Germany. BJB products are high quality, safe and user-friendly. The brand sets new standards for innovation.