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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 14, 2013

Carclo Offers Light Engine for Streetlighting Application

The S class street lighting module is the first product in a line of full LED solutions to be launched in the Carclo LED light engines range. It is the direct result of market demand for LED lighting systems that allow our end customers to specify Carclo optics designs without the need for bespoke development of the associated electronics, thermal and mechanical systems.

The module uses the Carclo S class free-form Optic combined with high efficiency and high output LEDs in a fully sealed and thermally optimized assembly. The module has been developed and tested by the Carclo group company Wipac Ltd, who have over 10 years of experience in the design and supply of high power LED lighting systems to the European automotive industry. The expertise gained in developing LED products for this difficult environment and supplying some of the world’s most prestigious brands has allowed us to create a product that sets new standards for full system efficiency, build quality and reliability.

The modules are manufactured at the TS-16949 certified Carclo facility in Buckingham UK. Alongside market leading product quality we are also committed to providing accurate "real-world" performance data to ensure the installed performance, energy savings and lifetime of our products fully meet customer expectations.

About Carclo:
Carclo Optics ( boasts unrivalled expertise in optical design, development and manufacture. Our in-house team provides bespoke optical, reflector and holder design alongside our standard ranges.
Optics are available in a large variety of configurations including single, triple, quad and extruded with a choice of finishes (such as frosted, elliptical, polished). There are a number of fixing options that include taped, glued, clipped and screwed.
Optic Select ( is our web application that allows you to search the product database using a wide range of criteria such as beam angle, optic type and full width half max. It returns the filtered results and presents comprehensive data sheets that can be viewed online or downloaded as pdfs.


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