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Conext Connection System - Electrical Contacting without Connectors and Tools

With the Conext system, the LED specialist Lumitronix from Baden-Württemberg has succeeded in connecting LED modules with no additional aids. The patented development ensures that the merging of LED modules runs smoothly and quickly. The puzzle-like connecting elements allow both mechanical connection and electrical contacting without any further tools. No soldering, no cables, no plugs! The connectorless assembly of the modules is made possible by the fact that both the noses of the male modules and the grooves of the female modules have electrical contacts that conduct the current reliably and constantly.

The Conext connection and contacting system from Lumitronix is currently used in three product families:
•    ConextMatrix
•    ConextPlay
•    ConextBar

ConextMatrix - for flexible shapes and large surfaces

The ConextMatrix LED modules, which are available in 5 different shapes (edge modules, corner modules, centre modules, linear modules and power supply modules), set almost no limits to the creative development of large-area light fields. Up to 270 ConextMatrix modules can be supplied simultaneously via one power connection on the power supply module. Each module is equipped with 4 powerful Nichia LEDs with a CRI value of over 90.

•    Patented Conext connection system
•    Simple connection of modules
•    Power supply via supply module with connection terminals
•    Dimmable
•    Nichia 757 LEDs
•    Very high colour rendering index (CRI >90)
•    24 V constant voltage
•    Connect up to 270 modules (max. 10 A) with one power supply

ConextPlay - creative playing with forms and colors

The modules of the ConextPlay family follow a playful and creative approach, which are available in three forms (connection module, female-module, male-module). Each module is available with a high-power LED of the Nichia 757 series in one of the colors red, green, blue and warm white. 150 modules can be operated via one USB-C connection. The ConextPlay modules can be used for backlighting or in model making. Another area of application is playful learning and experimentation.

•    Patented Conext connection system
•    All ConextPlay modules are compatible
•    Simple connection of modules
•    Power supply via supply module with USB C plug
•    Control via pushbutton on the supply module
•    3 modes, (on/off, dimming, fade)
•    5 V constant voltage
•    Up to 150 modules connected to one power supply
•    5 years warranty

ConextBar - LED strips with variable length

With the ConextBar, 10 mm wide LED strips in various module lengths can easily be realized. The short ConextBar4 LED modules with 4 LEDs extend the strips by 20.7 mm, and the long ConextBar20 LED modules with 20 LEDs by 104 mm, creating a great deal of flexibility.

The power is supplied by a power supply module, which is available as male and female-version. Up to 50 ConextBar20 LED modules or 250 ConextBar4 LED modules can be operated simultaneously. The modules are equipped with warm white LEDs of the Nichia 757 series that convince with a good efficiency and a CRI value of over 90.

•    Patented Conext connection system
•    All ConextBar modules are compatible
•    High CRI value
•    Simple connection of modules
•    Power supply via supply modules with 24 V constant voltage
•    5 years warranty

"The Conext modules lie flat and do not require any superstructures," explains Christian Hoffmann, CEO of the Hechingen-based company. THen he adds "The modules are joined together without connectors because both the noses of the male modules and the notches of the female modules possess electrical contacts that reliably conduct the current. The different module shapes in a puzzle look also enable the creation of individual light fields in many shapes. This is unique worldwide and only available from LUMITRONIX®."

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About Lumitronix:

Lumitronix has been one of the leading specialists for LEDs and LED products for many years. As a competent partner for the industry, Lumitronix possesses a broad range of application knowledge from numerous fields. The Swabian company based in Hechingen has ISO 9001 certification and is also the official distributor of market-leading manufacturers of LED technology. Lumitronix is not only engaged in the distribution of LED products, but also develops and manufactures in-house according to customer-specific requirements. Quality Made in Germany by LUMITRONIX®