Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 08, 2013

Design LED Products to Launch Revolutionary Flexible LED Light Tile at Lux Live

Design LED Products is using Lux Live 2013 as the launch pad for its revolutionary flexible LED light tile technology, offering designers the opportunity to use light in new and unconventional ways. The highly efficient tiles can be designed to be modular and scalable and are ideal for uniform backlighting applications and directional lighting applications requiring low profile, curved or irregular shapes.

Design LED’s patented technology embeds LEDs into a thin, flexible transparent film with printed surface optics to create a lightweight, integrated and modular light engine. The pattern and form of the surface features governs the illumination uniformity and beam angle control for lighting and backlighting requirements. The solution offers high optical efficiency of approximately 90%, up to double that of competitive edge-lit solutions.

The modular light tiles can be produced in any shape or size up to 1m, offering up to 20,000 lumen per square meter. Designers will benefit from single or double sided illumination and with LEDs distributed across the panel, applications are not inhibited by the need for external thermal management.

As standard the tiles are supplied with LEDs offering a colour temperature range from warm white to cool white (3000K – 7000K) and Colour Render Index (CRI) >85. Options are also possible for single or mixed colour as well as a range of low voltage or constant current drive solutions.

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About Design LED Products Ltd:
Design LED is a technology company formed over 7 years ago. The Company has invented and patented a unique Composite Light-guide technology for LED products. The technology embeds LEDs into thin, flexible, transparent films with surface optics, giving an integrated and modular light engine solution. Design LED works with international designers and manufacturers to convert these LED Light Tiles into incredible products, including applications in retail and consumer shelf-lighting, signage, hospitality and architectural backlighting.