Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 03, 2010

Eco Depot Unveils ICE PIPE High Bay LED Lighting Product

Eco Depot, Inc. announced today the addition to their avant-garde product line of commercial and industrial LED Lighting solutions, a featherweight, super energy efficient, high lumen output 125 Watt high bay LED fixture -- known as the ICE PIPE. The revolutionary ICE PIPE weighs 75% less than conventional halide lighting fixtures and can release heat exponentially faster than any other available LED technology. The new low cost ICE PIPE is designed to replace conventional 250 to 400 Watt metal halide lighting fixtures, provide a superior light output and consume 70-80% less electricity.

The ICE PIPE technology ingeniously utilizes fluid dynamics in the creation of a revolutionary heat release system that deploys thin and durable capillary pipes to extract heat from the system instead of bulky aluminum or other alloy based heat syncs. This stand-alone system reduces the weight of the fixture by up to 75%, releases heat 100 times faster than standard copper heat syncs and allows Eco Depot to offer the world's first environmentally friendly mercury free 500 Watt LED light with a recorded junction temperature of 53 degrees Celsius!

"We can now retrofit a standard commercial 250 to 400 Watt high bay metal halide lighting system with ICE PIPE's 125 Watt LED system and offer superior brightness at 50% the energy cost and without any bulb replacement or maintenance for 10 years," stated Arthur Han, Special Assistant to Eco Depot's CEO.

"Many large warehouses have several hundred 250 to 400 Watt metal halide light fixtures in place; with each of the lights producing approximately the same amount of heat as a two-foot wall heater running 24-hours a day. The savings on air conditioning costs alone will be substantial, and this coupled with the fact that our new cool running 125 Watt LED fixtures require two or three times less power to operate, is something commercial and industrial customers have been waiting for," added Arthur Han.

During the unveiling of the ICE PIPE technology, Eco Depot also announced the finalization of a marketing, supply and development partnership with Zaonzi Co., Ltd of South Korea, the proprietary developer and manufacturer of the ICE PIPE product series.

Manufacturing for the ICE PIPE 125 watt LED high bay commences in early September and will be available for retail during the second quarter of 2011. Eco Depot plans on developing a line of new LED Lighting products with Zaonzi Co., Ltd., during the immediate future.

About Zaonzi:
ZAONZI is an up and coming technology firm that is making its market debut in 2010. Zaonzi is the proprietary developer of a heat sync, utilizing Fluid Dynamic Pressure to create an extremely fast and efficient heat transfer method. Since 2005, when Zaonzi commenced the development of their core technology, the research and development team has produced breakthrough methods that allow the company to create fan-less Heat Syncs for computers and LED thermal management solutions. The scalability of their Heat Sync affords Zaonzi the diversity and freedom to apply the ICE PIPE technology across a myriad of applications. Zaonzi is currently the break-out-star in the field of heat management and have gained prominence within various environmental and technology groups in Korea as a leader in their field. The ICE PIPE series of LED lights is their first product to enter the lighting market.
EcoDepot, as a strategic partner will help to guide product development and distribution for Zaonzi.

About Eco Depot:
ECO DEPOT has created strategic alliances with suppliers and manufacturers to provide clients with a variety of LED lighting products that will cover all lighting sectors. The Company's proprietary indoor panel lights and general illumination LED products are to be deployed to execute market entry into both commercial and residential sectors. Eco Depot LED street and area lights are directed toward municipal and public works projects and a soon-to-be announced "Polar Light Series" is directed toward warehouse, stadium, and harbor light applications.
ECO DEPOT's Lighting Division, CS Tech (America), possesses several cutting-edge technologies and emerging high-tech LED Lighting solutions -- that has the potential of readdressing the way lighting and ecology converge throughout the world. Eco Depot revolutionizes how the world engages with LED Lighting Solutions to comply with the multi-national ban on incandescent lighting. For more information, visit