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Featured | Components | LED Modules | AC LED Modules | Mar 28, 2017

Edison Opto Unveils Dual Volt Flicker Free Circuit

Edison Opto, a company specializes in LED lighting products, announces its release of the upgraded AC Module, Dual Volt Flicker Free Circuit, which can work in a high voltage environment without flicker. The new module also implements two functions of dimming, including triac dimming and 0~10 V dimming.

With the duration for both 120 V and 230 V environment, Dual Volt Flicker Free Circuit can be broadly used in lighting luminaires worldwide, including pendent lights, ceiling lights, and down lights. This innovative module design delivers more than 100 lm/W (at CRI 80 and 3000 K). It also presents ultra-low flicker which is approximate to 0%. By integrating dimming function and flicker solution, Dual Volt Flicker Free Circuit is undoubtedly an great choice to meet most of customers' demand.

In addition to Dual Volt Flicker Free Circuit, Edison Opto strives to keep offering a variety of AC modules to impress consumers. The whole AC module Series ranges from Flicker-Free solution, Easy Dimming, Tunable Dimming, Ultra-Low Flicker Solution, Dual Volt Series, and AC COB module.

For more information, please visit or contact the Edison Opto sales representative at

About Edison Opto:

Edison Opto from New Taipei, Taiwan, was built in 2001. The company's mission is to provide customers the complete LED lighting product line, which ranges from components, AC/DC modules, light strips, street/outdoor lighting, and automotive lighting. In particular, it established the integrated lighting design manufacturing service, LDMS, to help customers manage every issue while designing LED lighting products. To provide prompt delivery service, Edison Opto has also established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Moreover, the company has also set up a subsidiary in USA to expand the service domain.