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Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 10, 2010

Edison Opto Unveils New Light Source at the LED EXPO 2010 in New Delhi

Edison Opto is going to represent a whole new lighting source which focuses on bulbs and commercial application. For a long time Edsion has made effort in developing T.E.M.O.(Thermal management, Electrical scheme, Mechanical refinement, and Optical optimization) as its R&D capacity. LDMS(Lighting Design Manufacturing Service) is an integrated program derived from the T.E.M.O. in providing customers various LED components and modules to meet their needs.

The new lighting source(as shown) includes the latest EdiPower II ® which can reach up to 120lm/w, Edixeon® series with light efficiency of 130lm/w, and Federal series of 100lm/w. Edison Opto stresses the core integrated technology. The high-efficiency components with secondary lens, heat sinks, and power circuits can be used widely in commercial lighting, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting in a result of satisfying the demand of Indian growing market.

With India’s rapid urbanization and industrialization, a large number surges in the requirment for electricity and lighting loads 12%. That is why energy-saving LED lighting, the replacement of traditional lighting, is needed urgently. The Grameen Surya Bijli Foundation indicates that the 2009 output value in lighting is only 4,900 million USD that grows 3.1% compared the previous year. The annual growth rate in 2015 will reach 41.5%. In addition, a survey shows that Indian import demand for lighting products in more than 5,000 million U.S. dollars and that is going up continually. Accelerated the development and distribution for the huge business opportunities in the Indian market, Edison unveils a series of new active lighting source. According to different areas Edison responds to customer applications by showing a comprehensive product capabilities and strengthening international awareness in high-power LED market. We are going to display a range of LED in the fair hold by the Media exposition & events in New Delhi, India from December 17th to 19th. Welcome to visit our booth! (Booth#7E 86)

About Edison Opto:
Edison Opto is a leading manufacturer of high power LED and a solution provider experienced in LDMS. LDMS is an integrated program derived from the four essential technologies in LED lighting applications- Thermal Management, Electrical Scheme, Mechanical Refinement, Optical Optimization, to provide customer with various LED components and modules. For more information, please visit our official website:


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