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Forge Introduces Reliable, Adaptable LED Modules Including a Narrow Angle Optics

In recognition of the demand for high-performance reliable LED modules, that do exactly what luminaire manufacturers want, Forge has introduced a custom module to do exactly that. Forge has never been a one size fits all manufacturer and, with the release of this latest customizable module offering, the added-value they bring to product development and manufacturing is evident.

Every luminary has different LOR, thermal and optical properties, and every luminary manufacturer wants a USP. Forge has the technical expertise to ensure manufacturers get only the very best modules in their fittings. How? With the ability to: lengthen and shorten heat sinks, choose connectors and wire lengths, pick heat sink colors, add logos, and even incorporate specific fixing and mounting methods. All whilst giving manufacturers the peace of mind that their module will perform thermally, optically and reliably to pre-determined L70 expectations, through in-house testing.

Forge has also recently developed a <10° optic to suit the module perfectly, fulfilling that demand for a tight crisp beam pattern to complement the medium and wide offering. With Forge's optic design and manufacturing capability, you can also create your own bespoke beam pattern and achieve specific light distribution. All of this is before you even consider your light CCT and CRI requirements - you really can put light where you want it!

Forge is on hand to deliver what you really want and will do all the hard work and even test the solution in your fitting for complete peace of mind. So, don't make do with something off the shelf – choose Forge.

For more details on Forge's latest product developments visit or call our sales team today +44(0)1229 580000.

About Forge:

Forge designs, develops and manufactures cutting edge LED solutions with an emphasis on quality and delivering value. With our commitment to innovative design, superior quality and providing outstanding service, our knowledge and expertise allow us to tackle diverse industry applications and deliver exceptional results. Not only this, but our focus on putting our customers first means that we can deliver exactly what you need whilst remaining cost effective and timely.
Choose to put light where you need it – choose Forge.


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