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Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 05, 2015

FuturoLighting Introduces Smart LED DC Module for Efficient Compact LED Solutions

FuturoLighting's smart DC LED module combines the most recent LED technology with a smart DC driver offering ready-made solution for fixture producers. The module is assembled on a metal core PCB, implementing LEDs and a highly efficiency driver with thermal foldback and dimming. One big advantage of the module is the on-board thermal foldback, active control of the maximum temperature of the module.

Although the implemented driver has small dimensions, it operates at a high efficiency of above 94% and accepts input voltages up to 60 VDC. On request, it can be assembled with LED shunts to solves open LEDs failures for still higher module reliability. These smart LED modules provide a dimming input that can be PWM or analog controlled. Additionally, a proximity sensor can be connected to dimming input for presence detection and light switching.

The module has adimensions of 145x43 mm and total height only 4,1 mm to fit into thin 2x6 street lighting optics. The distance between the LEDs is 25,4 mm and MCPCB thickness is 1,5 mm. This module is compatible with optics from Ledil, Carclo, and most other producers. It can be adapted according to the customer's needs on request, including dimensions and LEDs positions.

Assembled, for instance, with Cree XT-E (luminous flux > 2300 lm and  hot efficiency of > 110 lm/W @ Tsp = 70°C, CCT = 4000K, CRI >70), pricing starts at Euro 14.9 @ 1k quantity. Based on customer needs we are able to assemble the modules with different LED brands and types, including white, colour, IR and UV LEDs.

The module can be used in many application like low bay, high bay, street lighting, wall washers, plant growing, UV curing, IR security vision and in other special purposes. This custaomable LED module just needs to be connected with a central or individual 48 VDC power supply. It is possible to combine as many modules as needed to creating a lighting system.

More information can be found on the FuturoLighting Website or in the SmartDC LED Module Leaflet

About FuturoLighting:
FuturoLighting is a LED lighting focused company based in Slovakia, located in the small town of Piestany, known worldwide for its health spa, natural healing sources – thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud. FuturoLighting develops and produces customized LED light fittings for demanding environments. The company concentrates on lighting solutions which require high energy efficiency, long lifetime and easy maintenance. FuturoLighting's competency is based on a long experience of working in the electronics industry.


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