Products, Materials + Tools | May 27, 2011

GE’s New Infusion™ Module Offers Designers Fullest Range of Lumen Packages and Color Temperatures

GE Lighting’s new Infusion™ LED module series opens up design possibilities and revolutionizes the way light-critical customer spaces can be exhibited. With higher lumen packages and CRI options, plus the ease of installation, these modules represent a major breakthrough in commercial lighting technology, expanding potential applications for LED lighting solutions in retail, museum, office and other environments where light quality is vital to the user experience.

Ideal for spotlighting, down lighting, track, and accent lighting, the Infusion LED modules offer lighting designers and merchandisers a long-lasting, controllable, low maintenance LED solution to create attention-grabbing, yet functional, displays and applications. Infusion LED modules can be even more efficient than many halogen, ceramic metal halide, and CFL solutions when included in an efficient luminaire design. The wide range of light output and color temperature options create additional design opportunities.

GE Lighting is the first manufacturer to offer this range of lumen packages and color temperatures in a fully replaceable module with a common size. The Infusion LED modules are available in 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 lumens, in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, and CRI options of 80 and 90. They are also dimmable and turn on instantly.

LED technology is being adopted in many professional lighting applications, though some designers remain reticent about specifying LED everywhere in their schemes because servicing and upgrading the luminaires is often a challenge. The new Infusion LED modules solve these issues as luminaires can be easily maintained and upgraded. The module offers a twist and lock fit that is as simple as replacing a regular light bulb – no additional tools are necessary. This simple twist fit mates the module with the housing and provides all necessary thermal, electrical and mechanical connections.

The easy interchangeability has other benefits as well. “Even after a luminaire is installed, the Infusion module can easily be changed out to showcase different options,” says Joshua Gildea, product manager for LED Indoor Lighting, GE Lighting. “This overcomes the inflexibility of integrated luminaires, giving merchandisers the ability to vary color temperatures and beam angles by simply swapping out modules.”

OEM manufacturers and suppliers:
Infusion has been incorporated in luminaires from a wide range of designers and manufacturers including Amerlux, Barbican, Elite, Journée, Lucent, Modular International, Premier, Solera, Specialty, and Spectrum. GE Lighting is also working with a broad range of LED driver, cooling system, and control suppliers to bring a complete LED solution to luminaire manufacturers. These suppliers include Nuventix, AVC, Sunon, AEG, Harvard Engineering, ISTL, LighTech, Roal Electronics, and TCI.

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