Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 01, 2013

Genesis Photonics launches 3D COB

Genesis Photonics Inc.(GPI) 3D Chip On Board (COB) successfully integrates blue LED components with a variety of remote phosphors. Compared to the average COB product, 3D COB has better lighting quality and has the advantages of greatly reducing lighting system costs, and expanding the market for new lighting applications. Moreover, using a combination of high powered blue LED components with patented remote phosphor offers lighting fixture manufacturers additional patent protection.

Comparison of Light Source Solutions
Comparison of Light Source Solutions
3D COB Normal COB
Color Uniformity Extremely good Average
Lumen Maintenance


Small differences in hot-cold factor.

Hot-cold Factor Slightly Normal

Design Options

Can be matched with many remote phosphor stimulation solutions. Phosphor painted on the package interior
Luminaire design/ components used Flexible with low inventory risks. Standard specifications that are prone to inventory risks with changes in client demand.

GPI’s 3D COB integrated solution can be used with dimensional lighting or plane lighting remote phosphor solutions. Compared to single or group LED packages, where phosphor is placed very close to the die and receives near range concentrated light source stimulation, the remote phosphor used in 3D COB are is located further away from the die and excited by long range light source. The advantages provided by such an arrangement include excellent lumen maintenance, small differences in hot-cold factor, and slight color shifts. In addition, by applying remote phosphors in GP’s high luminous efficacy Match LED, it is also able to get improved color uniformity and diverse color temperature options. For luminarie manufacturers, these technological advantages open up a lot of opportunities for luminaire manufacturers to create more  flexible light fixture designs.

Standard specifications can cause inventory risks when client demand changes. GPI’s 3D COB’s core light source employs the patented blue light Match LED component, a technology developed by the company. The component is constructed on the foundation of AT chips, and includes the following features: wire-bond free, compact arrangement, low thermal resistance, and high light efficiency. From the AT die, MATCH LED component, to the 3D COB light source solution, GPI has been cooperating with top international phosphor brands, to provide sophisticated light efficiency levels and patent protection. This also helped improve luminaries’ clients’ opportunities of entering the global market. Currently, GPI’s 3D COB is being introduced to lighting manufacturers in the U.S., Japan, Europe and China. The company is currently cooperating with a top global distributor to promote and sell 3D COBs.