Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 13, 2011

GE's New Tetra® LED Lighting Systems for Channel Letters Create Substantial Energy Savings and Brilliant Light Uniformity

GE Lighting Solutions, LLC has released the next generation of Tetra® LED lighting systems for channel letters. These new products provide outstanding uniformity and use fewer modules than previous models.

“Our next generation of Tetra channel letter products set a new standard in LED lighting systems for signage applications,” says Matt Tavernelli, product marketing leader, GE Lighting Solutions. “Sign manufacturers and end users now have a superior lighting solution that provides supreme uniformity using fewer modules. Fewer modules means fewer components will need replaced and repaired over time, which can translate to less maintenance and easier installation up front.”

GE’s enhanced Tetra LED lighting systems include:
•Tetra miniMAX—for small channel letters 1.5 inches in depth or greater, the new products efficacy is 43 percent greater than the previous Tetra miniMAX with 81 lumens per watt compared to 57 lumens per watt, uses 26 percent less energy and has 80 percent wider stroke spacing in a 4-inch sign (9 inches versus the previous 5 inches). Also power supply loading is increased by 50 percent, from 40 feet to 60 feet.
•Tetra MAX and Tetra MAX High Output—for medium channel letters 4 inches deep and up to 36 inches high. The new Tetra MAX is 25 percent brighter (75 lumens per foot versus 60 lumens per foot) and its efficacy is 33 percent greater (59 lumens per watt versus 78 lumens per watt) than previous generations. Tetra MAX High Output is 92 percent brighter at 115 lumens per foot with 36 percent greater efficacy, and uses the same layout rules as the new Tetra MAX so sign makers can offer two brightness and cost options with no additional layout prep work. Stroke spacing for both is also improved by 80 percent in a 5-inch deep sign (9 inches versus 5 inches).
•Tetra PowerMAX—for large channel letters up to 4 inches deep and 36 inches or taller, Tetra PowerMAX increases brightness by 25 percent over its predecessor (182 lumens per foot versus 146 lumens per foot) and decreases costs by increasing stroke spacing by 50 percent in a 4-inch deep sign (9 inches versus 6 inches).The next-generation Tetra LED lighting systems feature GE’s patented technology OptiLens™ that maximizes LED performance by capturing otherwise wasted light and redirecting it toward the illuminated surface to create an exceptionally uniform channel letter. This unique lens technology optimizes each LED to allow for wider stroke spacing, which helps reduce the amount of material needed in each sign.

GE is one of the largest LED lighting systems companies in the world with an installation base that includes more than 20 million linear feet of Tetra LED lighting systems, which demonstrates the unmatched product reliability and ease of installation.

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