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Components | LED Modules | Mar 08, 2017

Greater Efficiency and New Light Colour for Spotlight LED Modules

Tridonic has given its sixth generation SLE LED modules a chip upgrade and at the same time expanded its colour palette. The ART, FOOD and FASHION colours, each optimised to a specific application, have now been joined by the TINGE light colour which makes warm tones appear even more vibrant. All the versions benefit from greater efficiency in high-output mode and are now available with a 17 mm light emission surface.

The dimmable LED modules for spotlights and downlights are impressive not only for their greater efficiency of up to 30 percent and better colour rendering but also for their improved robust 50 mm package which is ZHAGA compliant. A more stable connection between the chip and the package is therefore achieved and the thermal conductivity is improved. New versions with a 17 mm light-emitting surface (LES 17) close the gap between 15 mm (LES 15) and 19 mm (LES 19) modules so there is a choice of different emission angles for spotlights.

Variable, powerful and colour stable:

Thanks to the greater energy efficiency of the modules a higher luminous flux can be achieved relative to the power consumption. Less power is needed to produce the same luminous flux as the predecessor modules. The LED modules are also compatible with all the drivers in the standard portfolio, resulting in numerous possible combinations tailored precisely to the specific applications.

The chip upgrade has also led to improvements in the colour rendering of the modules and therefore their quality of the light without sacrificing energy efficiency. In particular, the Ri09 colour rendering factor has been improved. The FASHION LED module now has a colour rendering index of 95, and ART an even higher one at 98. Even saturated red tones can now be presented true to life. All the modules combine high quality of light with high colour consistency corresponding to MacAdam 3, or MacAdam 2 in the case of the special ART colour.

Application-specific colours at a glance:

LED modules in the FOOD series with their different spectrums (Gold, Gold+, Meat, Fresh Meat, and Fish) are tailored to different categories of food. Colours appear intense. Rich brown tones give bakery items a crustier look, warm shades of red give meat and sausages a fresh, succulent appearance and cold light tones emphasise the freshness of fish and seafood.

ART LED modules offer unprecedented quality of light and provide perfect lighting for even the most demanding exhibits in museums, art galleries and exhibitions. The full-spectrum technology used here provides the basis for excellent colour rendering with an average value of all tones achieving a colour rendering index of 98.

FASHION LED modules bring the colours on fashion garments to life. Every fashion show is a highlight. Everything from radiant white tones and brilliant colours with high colour saturation to subtle pastel shades are presented true to life. The LED modules with a colour rendering index CRI of 95 will not bleach the colours out of exhibits even after lengthy exposure.

The trendy TINGE colour has been added to the FASHION palette. It lies just below the Planckian curve on the CIE chromaticity chart. Its slightly warmer colour location makes fabrics and accessories appear more vibrant, especially multi-coloured items.

More information can be found on Tridonic's SLE Module EXCITE website at

About Tridonic:

As a leading international supplier of intelligent and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic supports its customers and business partners on their journey to success with intelligent, impressive and sustainable lighting. Our lighting components offer optimum quality, maximum reliability and considerable energy savings, giving our customers a great competitive advantage.
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