Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 07, 2013

GSZM's 360 Degree LED with Thermal Heat Sink Solution

Unique, 360 degree spatial light LED from Shenzhen Good-Self Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. We specialize in 360 degree LEDs which adopt our own technology to innovation. It can light in all directions and there is no dead angle light. What’s more, we combined “360 degrees spatial LED light technology” with our unique thermal heat sink solution to manufacture LED Bulbs for indoor lighting.

Product description:
•    Product applies anti-decay silicon material
•    Yellow or milky white surface
•    Two inducting pins are made of silver-plated red copper.
•    The illuminating angle of the product is 360 degrees
•    350mA DC input, no hidden hazard
•    Lifespan of product is over 20,000 hrs.

•    Emitted Color:    white
•    CCT:        K1:2700~3000K K2:3000~3500K  K3:3500~4500K K4:4500~5500K K5:5500~6500K  K6:≥6500K
•    Working Voltage:     10-12V
•    Working Current::  400mA
•    Typ. Total Energy Used : 3.6W
•    Luminous Flux:      250lm
•    Beam Angle :     360°
•    CRI:         70
•    Dimensions:      Φ38mm

Product features:
•    Lighting decay characteristics: Lighting level,no decay .
•    Luminescent characteristics: 360° spatial light
•    Quality of lighting: High photosynthetic efficiency, no glare, no exposure dead Angle, brightness and color distribution is uniform,  the light is downy, modeling the   stereoscopic effect is strong, no ghosting, bright feeling index (Weluna)

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