Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 22, 2010

Highly Innovative Warm White Light Source

After the successful ramp up of the Lemnis Lighting Pharox Bulb, a LED based lamp replacing a 40W incandescent bulb, Lemnis Lighting now launched the LED source of the Pharox as a separate OEM product.

With a Luminous Flux of 235lm and only 3,6W power consumption, this warm-white light source is offering a nominal colour temperature of 2900K with a colour point (x/y) of 445/405. The GLS4WW LED source gives fixture manufacturers the opportunity to create a new generation of fittings for both indoor and outdoor applications. The highly efficient warm white light source has an efficacy of up to 68 lm/W and a lifetime of more than 50.000 hours, making it the ideal product to develop lighting applications replacing incandescent, halogen and CFL lamps.

Key Features:
• Colour Warm White
• Nominal Colour Temperature: 2900 K
• Colour Point (X / Y): 445 / 405
• Colour Rendering: 86
• Luminous Flux: 235 lumens
• Nominal Wattage: Vf * Inom 3,6 W
• Viewing Angle Degrees: 150
• Maximum Junction Temperature: 75°C
• Operating Temperature: -30°C - +65°C
• Architectural Lighting
• Display Lighting
• Residential Lighting
• Entertainment Lighting
• Outdoor Lighting
• Safety and Security Lighting
• Surgical Lighting
• Interior Lighting
• Reading Lights

In addition to the ceramic layer light source there are several OEM modules available as well.