Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 30, 2013

HSMtec PCBs Enables Smart Zhaga Multicolor Module

Cogilux’ new Zhaga Book3 compliant multicolor lighting module "cogiCORE Z3-RGBW36" with up to 36 W light output makes use of Haeusermann’s HSMtec boards and offers consistent colour rendering thanks to an integrated colour sensor.

Fields of application
•   Accent lighting in showrooms
•   Display case lighting
•   Showcase lighting in museums, exhibitions and retail areas
•   Colourful effect lighting
•   Food and non food shop lighting

•   Coloured LED module solution
•   Mechanicaly compliant to Zhaga's Book3
•   Efficient thermal solutions implements LED and controlling electronics on a single FR4 PCB board

Planning gentle accent lighting for showrooms can be very sophisticated. Lighting must take into account the specific requirements and properties of the goods and direct the customer's full attention onto the products. LED technology has recently become a factor in retail lighting, thanks to its impressively low power consumption and its extremely long service life.

Cogilux has developed a unique solution which not only provides a tuneable white light but also allows the use of RGB LEDs. So far, bulky stage lighting systems are used to realize accent lighting with RGB LEDs. Those are not only complicated to install but also misfits in a showroom. The microcontroller-based Zhaga Book 3-compliant lighting module "cogiCORE Z3-RGBW36" uses 18 red, green, blue and white OSRAM Oslon SSL LEDs reflecting the complete colour spectrum with a total light output of about 36 W. Additionally, the module offers consistent colour rendering due to an integrated colour sensor. An integrated 32 Bit microcontroller is able to adjust and to stabilize the customer-specific light colour. The customer has the choice between the cost-effective Cogilux "cogiDIM" bus system and a DMX512 interface.

The solution is mechanically compliant to the Book 3 of Zhaga interface specifications for LED light engines. The original Book 3 addresses a spot LED Light Engine with separate electronic control gear. Since the specification allows only for round LED modules with ø50mm - equivalent to a space floor of about 20cm2 - there isn't much space left for an efficient thermal management solution.

This is where HSMtec demonstrates its advantages: The PCB solution of Häusermann makes it possible to implement LEDs and the controlling electronics on a single board. The use of sophisticated PCBs based on FR4 and copper with partially embedded copper elements allows for powerful thermal management as well as a simple way of combining complex control electronics with sensors on the LED board. HSMtec makes it possible to realize the fine structures required for the control electronic simply on the same layer as the copper elements without any additional design tools. Additionally, preliminary thermal stress tests conducted by Osram Opto Semiconductor confirmed the high reliability of Häusermann's HSMtec boards based on copper and FR4.