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LED Engin's New 2.0 LuxiTune LED Emitter Module with Added Tunability and Connectivity at L+B

LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high flux density LED products, will demonstrate at Light + Building 2014 the generation 2.0 model of its award-winning* tunable white light engine LuxiTune™, designed to replace halogen style dimming and colour tuning downlight applications.

The nextgen version of LuxiTune offers many additional features including a Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) tuning function that enables users to separately adjust the CCT, between 2100K and 4300K, and light intensity (flux). Tracking along the same tune curve, the existing halogen style dimming mode allows users to dim from 3000K to 1800K. In both modes of operation, the tune curves have been precisely designed to stay a short distance below the black body locus throughout the tuning range, resulting in more vibrant colours. Additionally, LuxiTune 2.0 has newly added DMX control functions, such as switching in between halogen dim and CCT tune modes. In the second quarter 2014, LED Engin plans to further expand the LuxiTune product range with additional DALI control functionality and 700lm and 2000lm versions.

LuxiTune delivers warm, soft tones of dimmed light in a compact single emitter while maintaining colour quality and consistency within 3 Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM) throughout the dimming range. LED Engin's robust multi-channel LuxiGen™ emitter platform in concert with LuxiTune's thermal feedback control eliminates the known effects of varying light output over temperature and time from different colour dies, providing exceptional flux and colour stability over the life of the product.

Providing high lumen density and Lux-on-Target™ performance, LuxiTune has a luminous flux of 1100 lumens, equivalent to a 60W halogen lamp. Luminous efficacy is 63 lm/W at temperature including the secondary optic, far higher than that of rival products. At full intensity, Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is 90 and LuxiTune maintains a CRI average of 85 as it dims. Class leading in size, compact 45mm diameter optics - available in 24°, 34° and 45° beam angles - support the development of compact lighting fixtures and are far easier to integrate into downlights with beam swivel features.

LED Engin will also showcase Gallery White, the world's most compact emitter for directional lighting boasting an exceptional colour rendering index (CRI) of 98. Designed for high-end applications, including retail outlets, galleries and museums where accurate colour representation is vital, Gallery White offers high colour fidelity in warm white light (3000K) and achieves impressive individual R values (R1-R15) to enhance the contrast of retail merchandise, artwork and skin tones. Available in a range of package sizes for different power ratings from 10W to 80W, the emitters deliver between 480 and 3450 lumens output. Additionally, there's a full suite of TIR lenses to choose from with beam angles ranging from 9° to 50°.

LED Engin offers Gallery White emitters in a range of package sizes for different power ratings from 10W to 80W, delivering between 450 and 3200 lumens output. There is a full suite of TIR lenses available offering a beam angle from 9° to 50°.

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About LuxiTune:
*On March 20, LuxiTune was named Best Light Source at the 2014 Lighting Design Awards. Earlier this year, LuxiTune was crowned Best New Component at Source Level, a special citation in the 4th annual Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIAs). LuxiTune is also a winner in the Modules and Light Sources category. This success follows the product being recognized as Solid-State Lighting Product of the Year at the Elektra Awards, Europe's flagship electronics industry awards competition.