Products, Materials & Tools | Apr 02, 2012

Lextar to Launch High CRI and High Efficiency LED Light Module

Lextar Electronics Corporation (“Lextar”) announces its high CRI >95 and high R9(saturated red color) > 90 LED light module, while attaining high efficiency of 100 lm/ W at 2700K color temperature. In addition, Lextar also unveils its high efficiency of 120 lm/W COB product for 60W incandescent bulb replacement solutions.

Lextar’s high CRI light module, using its in-house 5630 LEDs, can not only enhance color rendering quality to over 95 in a warm white color temperature of 2700K, but also have good saturated red color (R9) value of over 90.  In addition, it attains high efficiency of 100 lm/W, 25% of advancement compared to peer products. Known as an LED vertically integrated company, Lextar’s advanced light module products use its in-house chip, package, module and optical design, therefore can offer tailor-made LED light module with competitive cost.  This high CRI light module can meet the lighting requirements for merchandising display to optimize the visual impact of art craft, fresh fruit or meat.  This new product will be debuted at “Light+Building 2012” in Frankfurt, Germany from April 15th through 20th.

Lextar will also demonstrate its high efficiency COB solution that gives 1000 lumens, consuming only 8.3 watt and peaking the efficiency at 120 lm/W in the warm white color temperature of 2700K.  The efficiency outperforms the peer 60W-replacement bulb by 35%, and a seven-fold increase of energy saved over the incandescent bulbs.  In addition, the lean structure of the COB can enable a wider beam angle of an LED light bulb with better cost efficiency. This advanced COB is ideal for 60W replacement bulb solutions, as well as downlights and street lights, and has proved successfully by overseas purchase orders.

Lextar has seen substantial results on the LED light module products that comes from its dedication on backlighting development for the past few years.  The company’s strategies is to continuously develop high power and value-added COB accompanied by endorsements from global brands, and market in Europe and Japan.

About Lextar Electronics:
Lextar Electronics Corporation (TAIEX 3698), founded on May 23, 2008, is a subsidiary of AU Optronics. It specializes in manufacturing high-brightness LED epi wafers, chips and packages, as well as energy-saving and smart lighting products. The range of applications includes LCD backlighting, professional lighting source, consumer lighting source and various lighting products. Lextar officially acquired LightHouse Technology Inc. in March 2010. The company now houses more than 2,300 employees and its headquarters is in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Its manufacturing plants are located in the Hsinchu Science Park, Hukou Industrial Park and Chunan Science Park in Taiwan, and will set up a new plant in Suzhou, China. Lextar’s turnover in 2011: USD 309 million. Corporate website:


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