Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 18, 2016

Lextar V4 COB Attains 150 lm/W with Excellent Quality @ Tj = 85℃

Lextar debuts Version 4 COB lineup at 2016 Hong Kong International Light Fair (Autumn Edition) bringing 15% higher luminous efficacy in quality and cost competitive products for versatile lighting applications from indoors to outdoors. The performance upgrade is based on improvements in both chip die development and also optimized package design. The new lineup also provides wide range of luminous flux and various colors includes CRI 90 & below B.B.L. modules, and wide selection of connectors and optical part solutions.

Version 4 COB effects to make more benefits for luminaire design:

The Version 4 COB provides wide range of luminous flux in various light emitting surface (LES) from LES 9.8mm to LES 22mm for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Lextar Version 4 COB offered 3-step MacAdam ellipse color definition with wide range of color temperatures (CCT) from 2700K to 6500K for CRI 80 and CRI 90. Below B.B.L. models are also available and offer diversified options for luminaire design. Higher flux efficacy also provides benefits with lower power consumption. The lumen output will be increased and enhance system efficiency of luminaire.


In terms of mechanical design, Version 4 COB provides wide selection of connectors and optical part solutions for quick optical design and easy assembly. The improved flux efficacy and reduced 20% thermal resistance with the good thermal design can lower heat generation with good heat transfer. Therefore, the luminaire system cost and weight can be reduced resulting from the simplified thermal design.

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About Lextar Electronics:

Lextar Electronics Corporation is a global leader in LED solutions with a strategic advantage of integrating epitaxial, chip, package, SMT and LED lighting applications. Founded in May 2008, Lextar is a subsidiary of AU Optronics, the leading TFT-LCD and solar PV manufacturer. With nearly 2,000 patents worldwide, Lextar is an innovator of product applications, which include: LCD backlights, light modules, luminaire, and various lighting solutions. To further stretch its market advantage, Lextar acquired LightHouse Technology Inc. in 2010 and Wellpower Optronics in 2013. It currently has 2 manufacturing plants in Taiwan and 2 in China. Lextar’s revenue in 2015 reached US$ 474 million.